women like older men

Are you new to the idea of dating an older man? There are some fascinating facts why women like older men that you may not even have stumbled across or even thought of before.

There are plenty of challenges in any relationship, but today I am going to give you the surprising and fun aspects that outweigh all the negatives of dating an older man that you may have heard.

1. Your date is a gentleman

He has charm. He is sophisticated. He was taught manners the old school way, i.e., it was probably beaten into him, by his mother, until he learned that you don’t treat a woman a certain way. He also knows the word ‘appreciation’ and is not likely to take you for granted. Having made his steamer trunk full of mistakes, he is not going to forget what you have done for him in the past.

2. He is good in bed

When it comes to the bedroom, he knows his way around a woman’s body, and there is no rush to finish. Bedroom sessions can last a good 2 -3 hours. There is plenty of foreplay, and he wants to see you having multiple O’s before he has his!

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3. He listens and understands

When you talk, he will listen. And he will retain all the information, or as near enough as damn possible. He is very understanding of you and all of your concerns and fears and offers excellent advice. Remember he is a man, not a boy.

4. Nothing bruises his ego

An older man doesn’t beat around the bush, he will tell you what he wants and is not afraid to ask. If you get approached by an older man, and you turn him down, he will not give up on the first try and then start dissing women on Twitter for being narcissistic psychopaths for saying no. He oozes confidence, so a knockback for him isn’t the end of the world. He will keep trying.

5. He helps you with the chores

Your date knows how to do chores and doesn’t have to be begged to do them. Mistakes that he has made in former relationships help a lot. He knows it is not worth breaking up with the love of your life because you couldn’t be bothered to get the hoover out.

6. He accepts you as you are

He knows he is not dating a ‘supermodel’ and likes to keep things real by accepting your imperfections and underarm hair. Leg hair. You get my meaning.

7. He spoils you

An older man tends to be more established in his career. Therefore earns a lot more, making surprise trips abroad for the weekend, trips to the theatre and excellent restaurants, a reality and not just a dream.

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8. Playing games is not his thing

He is not into playing dating games, he knows what he wants and doesn’t want to waste time getting it. Games are for the immature, give them something to do I suppose.

9. He is good with kids

You may have kids of your own. He may have children too. He is good with kids and knows what to do to look after them. He won’t freak out. I promise.

10. He knows how to handle arguments

He is going to work on the relationship and does not want to split up at the merest of arguments. He has learned so much and may handle disagreements in a much different way than what you are currently used to.

11. He’s learned his lessons

An older man has learned from his previous relationship mistakes and will not make them with you. Write that down. Then pin it to your fridge for good measure.

12. He is not afraid of commitment

He is mature enough to handle conversations about wanting to make plans for the future. Yes, you won’t see his face sink, or him trying to start an argument to try and get out of the conversation.

13. Clubbing is not his favorite activity

His days of going out nightclubbing on a regular basis are well and truly over. Basically, he’s knackered, and secretly you are jumping for joy. You never liked those places that much, maybe occasionally, but on a regular basis? Hell no.

14. He owns a place

He has his very own house. He is not into flat sharing with oddballs, and he certainly does not live with his mother. You better hope he doesn’t still live with his mother.

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15. He is financially stable

An older man will not ask to borrow money from you. If he does, then head for the hills.

16. He has manners

He knows about telephone etiquette. If he tells you he will call you at a specified date/time, then he will. Yes. You have heard that right. Call you. No messing around with ambiguous texts. And one-word answers. No way Jose. If you send him a message, he will reply to it fairly quickly. And boy does he not have the time patience or energy to play those stupid texting games.

17. You can learn from him

With him being that much older he has more life experience and has lots to talk about. He will have mastered excellent conversational skills and will know his stuff. It will feel wonderful being around him because he makes you feel secure. And It will be easier to confide in him, and he will appreciate that you trust him enough to do so.

There are many other surprising facts about why women like older men that you may have already heard of. Depending on the age gap between you and your date, you are going to come across and will face a lot of negative comments from seemingly well-meaning people, which will come across as downright rude and aggressive. Keep calm and don’t rise to the bait of ‘she-devil’ you know, the name they have given you.

Jennifer is a soon to be recovered narcissistic abuse survivor who writes about relationships and dating. She likes helping those who have problems with getting over their ex.

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