how to talk to beautiful women

How do you talk to beautiful women? It’s much easier than you think. Maybe you’re a guy who feels intimidated by this attractive human with sexy, smooth legs and a killer booty that makes jaws drop. Perhaps you’ve been shot down a few times in the past, or you feel down on your luck with attractive women. Wipe the dust off yourself, and keep your head up. As long as you’re willing to try, and possibly be told ‘no’ occasionally, you will always have a chance with that next beautiful woman that makes your heart beat a little faster, and makes you oddly feel weak.

So you’ve finally built-up the courage, but how do you talk to her? I’ll go over some simple ways to break the ice with a beautiful woman. The key to this, is being aware of your surroundings, situation, etc. You must be very aware, and it’s important that you make a good first impression to peak her interest in you!

Get ready for the numbers game

Think about it if you’re looking for employment. Will you put all of your eggs into one interview praying that it works out, or will you tactfully and wisely keep your options open? Of course you will! You will apply to multiple jobs, with the result of either getting rejection letters sent to you, or multiple interviews with jobs of interest to you. The same rule applies to women. It’s a numbers game. Obviously, you are still going to be selective with your potential matches, but you’re going to ‘apply’ a lot (which inevitably means, getting a lot of phone numbers). Even if you get the phone numbers to begin with, most of them will probably not work out for one reason or another. After the initial closing (which is getting her phone number), you will then text her to see if you’re interested, or more challenging yet, if she maintains her interest level in you.

Attract their attention

Talking to beautiful women and flirting with them both online and in person often comes at a price. That price is that first and foremost, she will often be around her attractive girlfriends (in person), so you may have to single her out from the ‘pack’. Just watch her and see if she leaves her pack to get a drink at the bar, or go for a restroom break or something like that. Then, it’s up to you to ‘make your move’ on her, and perhaps offer her a situational compliment with the hopes of striking up a conversation with her. “Hello. That dress looks so nice on you! Do you come here often?” A simple compliment can break the ice with her and get her talking to you. It’s even better if she simply flips her hair or gives you a sexy gaze or smile your way beforehand. That’s her subtle way of telepathically saying, “I’m interested in you. Come talk to me.” If she makes absolutely no eye contact with you, and you seem invisible to her, she’s probably not interested in you, but there is no harm in trying with her. The worst response that you’re going to get is a polite ‘no’, or ‘I’m not interested’.

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Beautiful women come at another price — other men (your competition). There will be men who try to block you from her, they may get jealous of you, you will be a threat to them. There is plenty of competition to go around with trying to get a gorgeous woman. Men will come out in droves, because they’ve already been there. You will not be the only guy trying to get ‘closer’ to her. Just keep this in mind with beautiful women. They know that they’re beautiful, and they’re used to guys giving them compliments, trying to ‘get to know them’, and competing for their attention. The difference with you, is that you’re going to be a challenge and not be a weak follower that she’ll walk all over. You will be a real man. You will have integrity and a backbone. If she’s not interested in you, that’s her problem. You’re going to move on until you find a beautiful woman who meets your expectations, not her expectations.

Don’t mess it up at the very beginning

It’s not very tactful to buy her a drink at a bar, despite how it seems to happen all of the time in shows and films. It’s a way of brainwashing you with a fantasy world that doesn’t exist in reality. Suppose you get the balls to buy her a drink at her table, and all of the sudden her boyfriend or husband shows up late. Quite embarrassing, isn’t it? You shouldn’t buy a drink for a complete stranger, no matter how beautiful you think she is. Have some patience, be tactful, and don’t walk awkwardly across the room to introduce yourself to her. It’s embarrassing to you, and it may just appear creepy to her. After all, she doesn’t know you yet. Strike up a conversation with her with normal small talk, then try to delve into deeper topics that she’s interested in.

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Ask for their phone number

There’s nothing more passive than a guy giving a woman his phone number. Who knows if she’s ever going to call you? If you ask her for her phone number and close the deal, you will feel more in control of the situation, and you can actually go home and sleep at night knowing that you can call her anytime that you want. You won’t be worrying about if she’s ever going to call you (most women won’t), or if she’s already forgotten about you after last night. After a brief conversation via text or after meeting her in person (doesn’t matter), close the deal!

Be witty and make them laugh

Some guys will need some practice with this, because you will need to be naturally charming, witty, funny, and make her laugh. Don’t be too serious off the bat. You can get more serious with her as you take your time to patiently get to know her. Don’t rush into things! You will need to have some charm, wit, and have the ability to make her laugh, like you’re part comedian. This takes some intelligence and practice. You can always practice by talking to yourself. I know it sounds crazy, but you need to practice with your speech to be more effective with beautiful women. Practice talking with other beautiful women as well, it doesn’t matter if they’re hitched or married. This practice will help you on your dates. The more you practice with women, the more successful you will be down the road. Relax, be genuine, talk to her like she’s a normal person (even though she’s drop-dead gorgeous), and joke around with her to make her laugh. Hopefully, she will joke with you back, and bust your balls about things with sarcastic jokes. It’s usually a good thing when they tease you or pick on you in a joking fashion.

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Just be yourself, and be confident

Confidence goes a long way in life, whether that be with your career, goals, or with women. Just be confident with her, don’t play games with her, and be yourself. Don’t try to act like someone that you’re not, because she will find out who you really are sooner or later. Don’t be too ‘thirsty’, desperate, or aggressive with her. Gauge her interest level in you and pay attention to her body language with you. Is she leaning into you while she talks to you, or is she rolling her eyes and looking bored? If it seems like she’s into another guy, withdraw from her, and try to be a challenge while utilizing space from her.

Don’t play games with her; If you like her, tell her directly, but make it vague or subtle. Be honest with your feelings for her, but don’t smother her with too many compliments. Be confident, but don’t be overconfident or cocky, since cocky or arrogant guys usually turn most women off. Maintain a connection with her via text or social media to get to know her better. Follow-up with her, simply ask her how her day is going, and initiate conversation with her. You should be making decisions for her, and showing her that you’re a leader. Don’t ask her what she wants to do before you take her out on a date, because it’s weak. Be polite, confident, assertive, and make intelligent dating decisions that will (hopefully) raise her interest level in you. With some practice, you will be ready to date that attractive woman that you really desire. The temptation is quite compelling.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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