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Relationships do not remain the same and there are periods when your sexual attraction to your partner is stronger while other times it feels like it’s gone. Love is a choice and a mental flirting process. You need to ignite your relationship often in order to stay attracted to each other.

The key is to revive things that made your partner attracted to you initially. You should also learn what your partner likes, and cultivate those things that will make sparks fly again. Here are some tricks that will reignite their attraction.

1. Engage in romantic activities

Sometimes even the most basic ideas work wonders in a relationship, so don’t hesitate to engage your partner to do romantic things together. Beat the boredom by going out for dinner at a romantic place, listening to some music together, taking long walks, and spending time in a soothing environment. It is the little things that matter in a relationship and you can make your partner remain attracted to you. Frequent engaging in romantic activities will set you in the mood and increase your desire for each other.

2. Try couples therapy

If you feel like you have no passion for one another, try and seek help from a qualified professional. Attend sessions together with your partner and try to resolve the issues that get in the way between you and your partner. Attending a few therapy sessions as a couple will bring new changes in your relationship.

Open up and let the couple therapy professional know what is making you less interested in each other. Try to solve the problem in a friendly way without hurting the other person’s feelings.

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3. Spend time together

Spending quality time together will make a difference. You can engage yourself in extracurricular activities, sign up for some dancing or cooking classes or join a social club in your area.

Devote special time just for the two of you away from your friends or children. Have plans for an outing and carry out special activities together. Spending quality time with your partner will make you feel emotional closeness, help you to reconnect, and trigger a flow of sexual feelings.

4. Don’t forget your appearance

When you note that your spouse is no longer sexually attracted to you, reflect and see where you can make changes to ignite the passion again. Know their preferences and focus on making changes that will make them want you. Understand your partner both physically and mentally and find a way to increase pheromone levels. Make visible changes in your appearance that will activate your partner’s desires: buy some sexy underwear or get a much-needed haircut. Those small changes will bring big results in your relationship.

5. Say compliments

It is easy to get lost in routine and forget to tell to your girlfriend that she looks hot in her new blouse or notice that those new pats make your boyfriend’s bum look sexy. If you notice something nice about your partner, don’t hold it back, and don’t assume that you don’t need to compliment them because they know you like them anyway. Saying compliments to your partner will make them feel appreciated and desired. Take time and let your partner know how and why you love them. Do things that will make your partner feel wanted and special. Tell them something that will make them want to hear it again from you. Do it regularly and this will make your attachment more strong.

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6. Ignite healthy jealousy

If you notice that your partner has lost sexual interest in you, ignite healthy jealousy by making other people admire you. When other people notice attractive things in you, it will make your partner feel proud to be associated with you. Do things that will create a competitive environment, which will make your significant other appreciate you more and feel that they are lucky to have you. Ultimately, it will spark your partners’ passion for you. It is a surprising strategy that will make your partner want you more.

7. Bring back sensual memories

Thinking about the first dates with your partner will remind you of what made you feel fascinated about each other. Think of the days when love was in the air and you could not get enough of each other. Try and remember the little things that you did together and recreate those experiences. Maybe it was a special dinner that you cooked for your partner? Or maybe a romantic picnic with a glass of sparkling by the river? Do those things that melted your partner’s heart in the past. These flashbacks and sensual memories will trigger a positive reaction that creates an instant longing and keep you physically attracted to each other.

8. Show appreciation

There are many ways of expressing appreciation and gratitude to your partner and you should do it in a romantic way. Write a letter and let your partner know how you feel about them and your relationship. You can make a gratitude list with the qualities and things that you like about your partner. Despite how busy your schedule is, take time and let your partner know that you appreciate them in any way and that their presence makes you feel happy.

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9. Have your personal life

Being emotionally close with your partner and spending time together is important, but having your personal life and space should not be underestimated. Create some mystery around you so your partner would want to know more about you. Telling your partner less about your personal life will make them long for you. Create suspense by giving your partner a little hint of the story when you are chatting. This will draw their attention as they try to lure details to know more about the story. There’s nothing like a sense of mystery that spikes curiosity and ignites desire.

10. Do things that impress your partner

If you know your partner well, doing things that impress them shouldn’t be hard. It can be a weekend getaway to a romantic location, a bouquet of roses, or a surprise gift without any special occasion. If you want to make things even more tantalizing, book a luxury couples spa treatment and watch your partner’s reaction when they see that huge bubble bath with flower petals in candlelight. Use your imagination and if it fails – use the Internet to search for fun things to do as a couple and you’ll surely come up with something original.

Love and passion between partners need to be cultivated on a regular basis. What made you attracted to your partner yesterday will not necessarily fascinate you tomorrow. Just like any aspect of a relationship, sexual attraction can’t be taken for granted and it may need to be reignited every now and then. Regular review of your sexual life will help you notice changes early and make relevant adjustments that will help you maintain a happy and healthy relationship.

Ben is a freelance writer and health advisor from past 6 years. In his free time, he loves to read books and enjoy music.

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