ideal match

Dating is supposed to be a fun and exciting experience. An experience where you plan to meet someone you fancy in the hopes that they may be your ideal match and it will lead to a relationship. However, dating is also supposed to be intentional. The idea is to know what you’re looking for in […]

best dating advice - expand your pool

“Where are all the men?”, “It’s so hard to find someone!”. Probably you hear those statements quite often. That is the case when people are so busy with life, career goals and work that they don’t put time aside to invest in their love life. I am guilty of this and I am sure many of you can relate. If you’re

wrong relationship

Have you ever heard anyone saying that sometimes it’s better to be single than in a wrong relationship? I have. Statistics have shown that people in an unhappy relationship are worse off than those who are single. I can’t roll my eyes enough in relation to the number of times I’ve met women and men

first date questions

First date questions is a controversial topic. The notion of what type of questions, if any, should people really be asking on a first date is one that has many different views. If you ask me, I honestly don’t believe in dating someone without actually asking that person serious questions and really getting to know them.

red flags

If there’s anything that I’ve learned about dating that I strongly believe everyone should know, is that dating is about being vigilant and observant as opposed to just having fun. I’m a single girl, yes I’m not in a relationship. I hear you ask, ‘well what do you know about dating if you’re single’? It’s