Once, in the midst of a fight, I threw my husband’s mobile phone across the living room and smashed it against the wall. It is by far the most aggressive thing I’ve ever done. It was with a fair degree of shock that my Military Man picked up the remnants of his beloved HTC. What […]

long distance

I have a soft spot for the song ‘Save Tonight’ by Eagle Eye Cherry. Not only is it a great example of  late 90’s laid back pop rock (something good did come out of the 90’s!) but it’s also a song that I identify with completely having spent most of my relationship living away from

getting bored

I have this friend. Let’s call her Sarah. Sarah is smart, successful, beautiful and happily married, or so I thought. Over coffee one afternoon, she blurted out a confession that had clearly been niggling at her for a while, like a little tick burrowing in to her conscience. “I’m just so bored,” she sighed. “We never