how to know if a man truly loves you

Ah the age old problem, how to know if a man truly loves you? He may have told you time and time again, but what are the signs to look out for? Telling whether or not a guy loves you can be very tricky, but it’s doable. After all, every man is different, and not […]

stages of a relationship

Have you ever wondered where you are in your relationship and what stage you’re in? I’ve often wondered that with my other half and I. Are we going through normal stages of a relationship? I mean, he is a divorcee, so do the relationship stages work in the same way? Even though all relationships are

first holiday together

I’ve heard it said on many occasions that going on your first holiday together, especially if you’re not living together, is a true test of your relationship. Funnily enough, I actually believe this. It’s a true test for you as a couple. Me and my partner went on our first holiday together to Amsterdam. It

moving in tgether

I’m not going to write about this sugar-coating subject. Whether you’re buying or renting a place, you will encounter the moving-in challenges you never thought you would when you lived apart. You find out things about your other half that may surprise you. So here it is, the good, the bad, and the ugly. You

going through a divorce

I’ve been through a couple of failed relationships, from abusive to it just not working. However I never thought I’d ever be in a position where I really clicked with someone who was going through a divorce. It just so happens, I did. It’s changed my views on relationships completely; I now have a whole