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Your Tinder profile is like your personal portfolio; it is a showcase of your physical, emotional and spiritual offering to potential suitors. A great online dating profile has the potential to make a powerful first impression, while a bad profile often leads to immediate dismissal. Although there are multiple sources on the web on how to set up a great profile, it is very evident that the people who need this advice the most, do not seek it out.

Before we launch into discussing the reasons why you get no matches on Tinder, it is important to note that Tinder has an internal scoring system for user profiles. This scoring system assigns each profile with a score called the ELO score. When you sign-up for the dating app, Tinder assigns you with an initial ELO score, which is calculated using your photos and biography. Tinder does this using a hidden algorithm, and the better your photos and bio, the higher your initial score. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have six good quality photos and a good bio, because it gives you the highest chance of success on Tinder. The score gets continually calibrated based on your swiping behaviour and based on who swipes right on your profile. So let’s examine the reasons why you have no luck on Tinder.

Bad quality photos

The quality of your photos is the most important factor to your online dating success. Your profile photos should not be blurry or hazy. A blurry photo makes it difficult to make a decision on which way to swipe, since potential suitors can’t make out what you really look like (and visual stimulus is pretty much the point of Tinder). A hazy photo shows that you are too lazy to wipe your camera lens and makes people wonder what the grease on your lens really is (hair gel, food grease, or worse – a mystery better left unsolved). If you are unsure if your photos are good enough for your dating profile, ask someone you trust; people love helping their friends succeed in dating.

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Your bio is missing

No bio, no right-swipe. It really is as simple as that. The bio is the only thing that redeems Tinder’s shallowness. If you do not have one, it sends one of three messages: 1. “I am so hot I don’t need a bio”, 2. “I am too lazy to actively participate in this Tinder thing” or 3. “I am only on Tinder for sex”. All three of these attitudes are likely to earn you a left-swipe. Unless you are Ryan Gosling, you need a bio. If you can’t even start a conversation, in the form of your bio, how on earth would you be able to keep a conversation going if we match? A bio is non-negotiatable.

Dead animals in your photos

There is no need to showcase your hunting prowess on Tinder (this goes for fishing too). Women do not find dead animals attractive, and they will want to move past the photo instead of pausing on it to take a closer look. You need to remember your audience: women are not like your friends, they would not high-five you for shooting an animal. Women are sensitive, they love animals, and they will question whether they can date someone who ends an animal’s life for entertainment. Before you go there – the argument of hunting or fishing for meat is null and void, since we all know that no one is going to go hungry if you don’t kill that animal. It is a hobby that a woman might accept once in a relationship with you, but on Tinder, she will most likely swipe left.

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Mirror selfies

No matter how attractive you look to yourself in the mirror, shirtless bathroom selfies are always a no-no. They scream narcissism. If you would like to showcase your beautiful face or body, please ask a friend to take a photo of you. That’s what friends are for; to help you achieve your dating goals.

Posing with a cigarette

Smoking stopped being cool in the 90’s. Posing with a cigarette in your mouth will reduce your chances of getting right-swipes, because what once said ‘bad-boy’ now says ‘bad breath, smelly clothes, sedentary lifestyle, and cancer’.

Striking silly poses

Sticking out your tongue, wearing your cap backwards, and making the shaka hand do not attain the ‘fun guy’ look that you are going for; instead, they paint you as childish and show that you are too insecure to sit still and smile for a photo. Also, unless you are aiming to attract people in their 20’s, upgrade the snapback to a peak cap.

Hiding your eyes behind sunglasses

Women do not have superpowers which allow them to sense what you look like behind your sunglasses. Your eyes are your most captivating attribute, and they communicate a lot more than you may think. Having gentle, kind eyes will get you mad right-swipes; but if a woman can’t see your eyes, she will swipe left for fear of serial killer eyes.

Standing next to flashy cars

Once upon a time, princesses were impressed by beautiful steeds because it meant that their prince could buy them all the nice things they could ever want. Nowadays, smart princesses know that any broke-ass wannabe can drive a car that is out of their affordability range. Use Tinder dating to impress the smart princess with your charm, you can show her your steed later.

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Laying in bed shirtless

Shirtless pics of you in bed are too intimate. People who have not met you or even spoken to you are forced to take a virtual tour of your bed. Leave the introduction to your bed for at least the end of the first date.

And there you have the reasons why you get no matches on Tinder with those girls that you fancy. Hopefully these tips will help you get to that first date and do a little victory dance when you make it. Happy swiping!

Kate is an engineer and dater trying to master the philosophy of online dating. She loves chocolate, running and sustainable development. Kate is an incurable romantic who will always believe in love.

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