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One of the first things you might be tempted to do with a deck of Tarot cards is to ask questions about your love life and your romantic future. However, identifying good questions to ask Tarot cards about love is more complicated than it looks.

Whether you choose open-ended questions or yes or no questions, your Tarot deck or your Tarot reader’s deck might answer you in an oddly literal way. Learning the quirks of Tarot’s approach can help you identify which questions to ask Tarot and which questions to avoid. Here you will find a few tips on how to ask Tarot questions about your love life.

How to ask the Tarot love questions

The most important quality to develop as you learn to read Tarot cards on any topic is a willingness to receive answers that are not what you want to hear. So try to keep your mind open and don’t get your hopes up when asking Tarot about love. Also, repeating the same question over and over again is not likely to get you the answer you want.

If you don’t think you can be objective about the situation you are asking your Tarot cards about yet, you might not be ready to conduct your own card reading. The outside perspective of a professional Tarot reader might be more helpful in that case.

When you pursue a card reading to gain clarity, you might get more than you asked for, especially regarding self-improvement. Typically you will get more helpful guidance if you ask about things that you have control over rather than things dependent on other people. For example, ask not what love can do for you, but ask what you can do for love.

Open-ended questions usually give the Tarot cards more room to communicate. However, closed questions that can be answered by “yes” or “no” might be helpful in some cases, for example, if you are just looking for confirmation on a message you already have from your intuition.

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Best love questions to ask Tarot

When you ask a question to be used as a basis for a love Tarot reading, it’s crucial to pay attention to the words you use in your query.

While you might think that the universe knows what you want to ask, and the words are just details, how you phrase something marks your intention to invest in it actively. Tarot can be very literal in how they answer questions. Like robots or computer code, Tarot cards do what you tell them to do, not what you meant for them to do. For example, instead of asking, “Can I find true love?” you might want to ask, “Will I find true love?”

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In terms of energetic and spiritual potential, almost anything can happen. Think about it like this: everyone who plays the lottery can win a prize, but only very few people will win. So what you really want to know is whether or not you will win.

You might also want to include a specific period of time in your question. For example, the Tarot cards might hear “Will I find love?” as “Will I ever attract true love?” That could get you a very different answer from “Will I find love within the next year?”

The worst questions about love to ask the Tarot are those that can be answered more clearly by simply talking to the other person. If you don’t feel like you can have that kind of direct conversation with that person, acknowledging this might confirm your fears that your relationship with them is not everything you would like it to be.

So let’s dive deeper and explore some good love questions to ask Tarot!

Like robots or computer code, Tarot cards do what you tell them to do, not what you meant for them to do. Click To Tweet

1. Am I ready to seek a life partner?

You might be looking for love because you think that’s what people your age are supposed to do. But, if you aren’t getting anywhere, maybe you need to focus on something else like your career or your psychological development. Then, after you improve on those things, your next love Tarot reading can show you whether you have increased your chances of achieving the goal of being happy in love.

2. What do I need to do to get the first date?

If you feel like your most significant obstacle to starting a new relationship is just meeting people, you might look at the Tarot card imagery to see if it suggests a specific activity or location where you could attract love. For example, if you draw The Sun, you might meet someone while walking in the park outside. However, if you get The High Priestess or The Hierophant, maybe a spiritual community is the right place for you to attract a mate. If you get The Hermit, you can probably meet someone online.

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3. What issues do I need to work on to be satisfied in love?

This is a great open-ended question that can lead you to other specific questions and actions you need to take so you achieve satisfaction in love. For example, if the answers suggest learning how to handle your emotions better, your following questions might have to do with what strategies would help to do so.

4. What do I find attractive about my new love interest?

You might know that you feel attracted to someone, but exploring your feelings in more detail can help guide your next steps. For example, if the Tarot card you draw to represent your love interest is The Devil, you might need to admit that you find them tempting because they seem edgy and rebellious. That doesn’t necessarily make them wrong for you, but you may need to be honest about whether they are the best influence on you.

You might know that you feel attracted to someone, but exploring your feelings in more detail can help guide your next steps. Click To Tweet

5. What qualities would my ultimate life partner have?

Answering this Tarot relationship question, which could give you clues about everything from personality traits to physical characteristics, can help you sift through potential suitors on an online dating site more effectively. In addition, this question is suitable for identifying some vital quality that you might not admit is important to you. For example, if you think it is shallow to be attracted to someone for their money, but the Tarot card you draw is the King of Pentacles, maybe you need to be honest with yourself that you want a financially stable partner.

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6. Should I get back together with my ex?

Asking about getting back with your ex might be a tough love Tarot question, so be careful to look at whether the cards indicate the possibility of a healthy relationship at this time. Though you must be open to not getting the answer you were hoping for, the future is never set in stone. There are often things you can do to activate shifts in the outcome.

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7. What can I do to get together with my crush?

Formulating this type of question in a way that stays focused on you is essential. In some cases, you might get advice like “Give it some time.” However, if you get an answer that seems focused on introspection, you might be better off looking within to see if this person is the right partner for you.

8. How can I develop a healthy love relationship?

Take this process one step at a time and treat yourself with the love and appreciation you’re hoping your partner will treat you with. You’ve gotten to the point of doing massive personal growth and development work. Congratulate yourself on that, and be patient with the process. As you experience personal breakthroughs along the way, you may find follow-up Tarot readings helpful.

As you experience personal breakthroughs along the way, you may find follow-up Tarot readings helpful. Click To Tweet

9. Will my current relationship lead to marriage?

Don’t feel bad if the cards you draw for a question about marriage seem a little dull. In this case, you may want Tarot cards that refer to security and family more than passion and excitement. However, you still do need a strong bond with your partner, and you need to be confident in that aside from whatever your Tarot cards say.

10. What is the best way for me to propose marriage to my partner?

If you feel ready to propose to your partner and are looking for a creative way to do it, the imagery on the Tarot cards you draw could give you some fun ideas. For example, if you get The Star, it could show that a sweet, romantic picnic outdoors would be an excellent opportunity to fulfill your wishes. However, if you draw The Tower, it might be time to go for your wildest fantasy of hiring a skywriter.

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11. Is a third person causing trouble in my love relationship?

Whether an ex is stirring up trouble or your partner has a parent who meddles in the relationship, you may want to look for a Tarot love spread that puts down cards for all three people instead of just the usual two. While it may be easy to blame the third person, you need to see how you and your partner respond to and potentially fuel the disruption.

12. How can my partner and I spice up our love life?

The spontaneity of a Tarot card reading can help you get out of a relationship rut. The Tarot cards you draw can point out the areas of your connection that need attention, or they might just show you something fun to do. For example, if you draw The Chariot, maybe a short road trip together would help you get your joy back.

The spontaneity of a Tarot card reading can help you get out of a relationship rut. Click To Tweet
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13. What is the most important lesson that my partner and I are together to learn?

This relationship question could be a great alternative to some of the more confusing spiritual questions like “Were my partner and I together in a past life?” or “Is my current partner my twin flame?” Knowing what you need to do now can help you find direction whatever might have happened in the distant past.

14. What is the most important lesson I have learned from my past relationships?

This could be a great question to ask the Tarot if you are returning to dating after some time away from it. Even if your love life has not gone the way you wanted it to, you can learn from your past mistakes.

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15. How can I heal from heartbreak?

A Tarot reading about healing from heartbreak could give you hope regarding how to move forward. In addition, there may be other areas of your life that you need to strengthen while you are between relationships, and this reading may give you advice about that.

16. What is keeping me in my current relationship?

What is keeping you in your current relationship is an excellent question to ask Tarot if you’ve been thinking of a breakup for a while but never got around to doing it. You might discover that you love your present partner more than you are aware you do. You could also notice other factors in your current companionship that you have overlooked.

What is keeping you in your current relationship is an excellent question to ask Tarot if you've been thinking of a breakup for a while. Click To Tweet

17. What do I need to do to have a balanced relationship?

This question could be helpful if you feel like all of the work of your relationship is on you. Of course, people whose partners do all the work generally don’t ask questions of this sort. However, Tarot tends to call you out on your false assumptions, and it may show you how you are contributing to the problem.

18. When will I begin my next relationship?

While specific relationship Tarot questions are generally good for a love reading, the interpretation of timing can be difficult for someone new to reading Tarot cards, though some experienced Tarot readers have their ways of doing it. This question might be one of those to ask a professional Tarot reader.

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19. How can I be the best partner I can be?

This is a great relationship question to ask when starting a new relationship, as it can help you go down the right path from the beginning. In addition, the Tarot cards can comment directly on the specific dynamic between you and your new partner.

20. What am I holding back in my relationship?

If you’ve been in a relationship for a while and you are getting into a rut, this would be a good question to ask. To move forward, you might have to take your connection to a deeper level. For example, drawing cards from the Suit of Pentacles might show that your resistance regarding financial matters harms the relationship, while drawing cards from the Suit of Cups could indicate that you need to become more open with your emotions.

Over time, sticking to the discipline of Tarot readings might change your approach to relationships. Questions that are not good to ask the Tarot because they refer to things that are not in your control may turn out to be questions you would rather not have in your life. You might then begin to look for relationships where things are clear enough that you don’t have to ask the cards questions all the time. Your Tarot deck will probably be happy for you, even if that means it sees you less.

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