A Leo woman, born between July 23 and August 22, is one of the most powerful and influential people you’d get to come across. Because they’re ruled by the sun and symbolized by the lion, Leo women are considered strong, loyal, and daring. So let’s find how to attract a Leo woman and win her heart.

What to expect from a Leo woman

Leos, like lions, can handle whatever life throws at them. They are bold adventurers who are known to take risks in the heat of the moment. At times, this can lead them into danger, but they are clever enough to handle any problems that may arise. They always get back up when they get knocked down.

Women born under the sign of Leo can be dramatic. They are excellent storytellers, thanks to their creative tendencies and potential. Many Leo women are good at singing, dancing, acting, or writing. They also perform best when they’re in charge.

Additionally, they hate being told what to do. Leos tend to have a commanding presence, wanting to be the ones who make the decisions. They are usually alpha or dominant types. Thus, they are not someone who’ll just follow the rules.

Leo women are considered strong leaders, but they have a soft side like every other zodiac sign. They may appear as fearsome lions on the surface, yet their inner cub lingers. Leos make lovely companions and lovers.

A Leo woman embodies all things romantic: she is passionate, poetic, fiery, and caring all at the same time. Never will a Leo woman abandon her mate. They are, in fact, extremely protective of those they love. In general, Leo women make wonderful girlfriends.

how to attract a leo woman

How to attract a Leo woman

Leo women appreciate energetic, charming, and devoted men. Her ideal mate is bright and cheerful and someone who doesn’t take life too seriously. Therefore, she is always looking for a partner who can be her lover and closest friend. However, she will only date a man when she senses instant chemistry with him.

Leos are compatible with other Leos and Air signs: Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. But if you don’t belong to any of these signs and the woman you like is a Leo, don’t lose hope yet. You can still attract a Leo woman if you follow these tips.

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1. Understand her

Leo’s element is fire. She is fiery yet has a kind heart. She is dedicated and giving, which makes her one of the most romantic of all zodiac signs. The Leo woman is radiant like the sun that dominates her sign, and she attracts others like the warmth of the summer. This lady is the queen of the zodiac; therefore, you must understand her if you wish to fulfill her demands.

Leo women hold their partners in the highest regard and set them on a pedestal. She wants you to do the same and prefers more unique men than her typical suitors for a long-term relationship. Originality will wow her. She is a fixed fire sign and usually an extrovert, so be prepared to understand and match her energy.

Leo women hold their partners in the highest regard and set them on a pedestal. Click To Tweet

2. Show her the attention she needs

Leo women like being loved and applauded for their originality and brilliance, so win her over by admiring her unique style and manner of life. Compliments go a long way, but avoid phony praises to show your admiration. Instead, take the time to appreciate something about the Leo woman and make her feel unique. She’ll be able to tell if you are not sincere with your compliments.

Women born under the sign of Leo enjoy being the center of attention. If you take her to a party, make sure she has a good time and engages in conversation with people rather than remaining in the shadows. Ensure that everybody knows who she is and why they should care.

Treat the Leo woman properly – arrive on time during dates to show that you believe she’s special, or face the consequences!

woman receiving flower on a date

3. Give her the best things in life

Leo women enjoy the finer things in life, so expect her to have lavish and royal taste. She purrs when she is pampered with a fine wine or gourmet chocolates. If you can afford it, take her to a fine dining restaurant to show your appreciation for her taste. If splurging is not an option for you, invite the Leo woman to a romantic picnic, or cook her a nice dinner at your place. Set the mood with dim lighting and ambient music.

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Also, this is not to say that you can win a Leo woman over just by showering her with extravagant things. Instead, prove that the great things you do for her have meaning. For instance, compliment her appearance when gifting her jewelry, fashion accessories, or other items accentuating her beauty.

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4. Make the first move

A Leo woman treads carefully around love. She understands that love is her kryptonite, and she is hesitant to give someone the potential to break her heart. So she will be pretty guarded and vigilant of herself first when you’re still getting to know each other.

When a Leo woman starts dating, she is usually shy, so you should initiate the first move and reassure her. She desires to be adored, but she is too shy to ask for it. Eventually, she will welcome your advances. Remember that the phrase ‘I love you’ can imply vulnerability to her. So, before you say it, make sure you mean it.

romantic couple on the beach

5. Be attentive

If you ignore the Leo woman’s ego for a long time, she will become cold and aggressive. Remember that her pride is constantly at stake, and her ego is sensitive and fragile. She can also become clingy, especially if she believes she is giving and not receiving anything in return. However, if you provide her with the attention she requires, she will be warm and expressive in love.

Leo women are prideful. They tend to not open up, even when they feel they are not receiving the love and attention they deserve. That said, it is your responsibility to recognize when your girl requires more love and support.

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6. Be playful

Leos are playful and observant, and they have a good sense of humor. They like making harmless jokes and teasing you to make you laugh.

The Leo woman can be as playful as a kitten. She will likely start flirting with you regularly once she feels comfortable with you. You must be ready to engage in her proposed game, but make sure you don’t hurt her feelings. You can have a lot of fun with her and enjoy your time together.

young playful couple

7. Be romantic

The Leo woman will fall in love with anything original that captures the moment. She is a dreamer, and romantic gestures, such as a small gift or a cute love paragraph via text, can brighten her day. Also, don’t be surprised if she does the same for you. If the Leo woman likes you, she will go above and beyond to make the relationship work.

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Your Leo lady would enjoy anything you put effort into. It can be a spontaneous trip, flowers sent to her work, or a handwritten card tucked under her doorway. She adores grand displays of affection and the dating process. Nothing is ever too much if it is sincere.

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8. Demonstrate your intelligence

A Leo woman’s ideal mate should be both caring and intelligent. Because Leos are frequent questioners, their companions must think, express, and keep up with them. She is smart, quick-witted, and outgoing.

Leo seeks a partner who uses their mind. If you look nervous, uncertain of yourself, or simply dull, she will immediately turn away from you.

You don’t have to brag to her, but you should let her know that you can play the ball and be prepared for whatever she throws at you. Be careful, though; remember that Leo woman enjoys being in the spotlight. So if she suspects you are attempting to seize the opportunity by bragging about how brilliant you are, she may back off.

couple on a date having a conversation

9. Be confident

Assertive people make an impression on the Leo woman, so you must be confident in taking the lead with this lioness. She is not usually eager to make choices or take leadership.

The Leo woman is confident in herself. She desires a partner who is as secure in his opinions and ideas and isn’t hesitant to make decisions or speak his mind. You can’t have her constantly comforting you or telling you how terrific you are if you want her to like you. If you’re naturally confident, she’ll be attracted to you even more.

A Leo woman seeks a romantic, strong, and playful partner who is as confident and intellectual as she is. She desires a man who can add to her joy and enthusiasm. So never fall into the shadows. Instead, carry yourself with confidence and finesse, and you’ll maintain her attention in the long run.

Now that you learned how to attract a Leo woman, put your best foot forward, pique her interest in you, and enjoy the company of this sophisticated lady!

Zach has been studying astrology both theoretically and practically for about twenty years, and he has a certificate of Astrological Proficiency from the International Society for Astrological Research. Zach specializes in natal and relationship astrology.

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