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Sagittarius man can be overwhelming, as he seems to have been everywhere and done everything. He usually has an opinion on every topic too. Some people might find him intimidating, but life is more interesting than usual when he is around. Could a romantic relationship with this guy actually work?

Let’s take a closer look at Sagittarius man traits and find out who is the best match for him.

What is the personality of a Sagittarius male?

While astrologists claim that hips and thighs are significant body parts for Sagittarius, what most people notice first when they meet a man of this sign is his mouth. The Sagittarius man can often be found with his mouth open. This is because he feels he needs to speak his mind, and he thinks it is important to share his honest opinion.

Sagittarius’s goal is to seek and find the truth. He is drawn to controversies in politics and religion. Even though he knows exploring those things can be hard on the sensitivities of the people around him, he wants everything to be out in the open for the sake of pure learning.

Time and money are not obstacles that Sagittarius worries too much about in his quest. Instead, he knows how to keep his eyes on his prize, even if it is not the same award everyone else is looking for.

The Sagittarius man has a positive attitude, which makes his intellectual seriousness bearable. Optimism is one of the more appealing Sagittarius traits, and it helps him not get discouraged. Solving the world’s problems, after all, is a pretty challenging task, but he makes it look easy.

Optimism is one of the more appealing Sagittarius traits, and it helps him not get discouraged. Click To Tweet

Best Sagittarius man traits

The best personality traits of a Sagittarius man include his cheerful attitude and love of life. He is always on the hunt to try new things. He wants to explore every corner of this planet, and he can usually find something he likes in the course of his travel, near or far. Wherever he goes, he tends to notice the good things.

The Sagittarius man may seem to have a happy-go-lucky personality on the surface, but he also possesses considerable intellectual depth. While he likes trying new foods and taking great photos, he also wants to understand the people he meets and figure out how they think. As a result, Sagittarius can make new friends everywhere he goes.

His philosophical goal of working out a grand theory of everything can seem over the top. Still, he often has the talent to get pretty close to it. His partner, therefore, will never want intellectual stimulation in her life.

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Sagittarius men also love sex and are good in bed. This can provoke women to fall in love and stay in love with them despite their negative traits.

Worst Sagittarius man traits

One of the worst Sagittarius man traits is that he is not very capable of dealing with emotions. He is so used to getting through life by relying on his intellect and good cheer that sometimes he can’t handle the heavy things very well.

The Sagittarius man may have many friends, but his relationships are based on something other than emotional connection. Nevertheless, he can offer help to a friend because he likes to look like the one who always knows the best solutions.

Sagittarius does have a streak of true generosity, fueled by his ruling planet, Jupiter. He can be a bit of a know-it-all and can hurt other people, while he thinks he is just being honest.

It is hard for the Sagittarius man to show his vulnerability and let people know when he needs help. If he has a problem that his usual fun-loving way can’t wiggle him out of, he will withdraw and brood over it alone. You may feel alienated if you don’t know what is going on with him, but it’s usually not related to anything that you did.

Sometimes due to his optimism, Sagittarius may overlook the real problems that should be taken more seriously. This results in making poor decisions about money because he thought that things would turn out better than they did.

Despite Sagittarius’s love for traveling and experiencing new sensations, he may be more comfortable in his inner world of thoughts and find daily challenges frustrating. Therefore, when considering a Sagittarius man for marriage, you need to be honest about whether you could cope with a guy who is not super organized to keep a household together.

How to attract a Sagittarius man

If you are interested in becoming a Sagittarius’s man girlfriend, the most important thing to keep in mind is that you had better not be boring. You don’t have to act wilder than he does because you might fail. Just be free and honest, and he will get that you are open to dialogue with him.

Sagittarius men can be pretentious. They might be too cool for the sort of competition that career-driven Capricorn or entrepreneurial Aries men get in to earn the most money. When there is a competition to be the smartest, though, the Sagittarius man’s ego is lured. When you notice this trait in the Sagittarius man, you should avoid directly engaging in an intelligence competition with him.

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Even if you really are the best, an ego contest with a Sagittarius man usually does not end well for any of the competitors. Instead, focus on exploring your own freedom. Even a Sagittarius man on the stuck-up side will find that irresistible, as he will be attracted by the free spirit that he possesses himself.

Don’t worry if you enjoy something you think your guy will find shallow. Each zodiac sign tends to contain a little bit of its opposite. So if your guy comes around when you happen to be reading a celebrity gossip magazine, he will not necessarily be horrified. On the contrary, he may even join you because looking for the answers to all the questions of life is a big job that he needs a break from.

An ego contest with a Sagittarius man usually does not end well for any of the competitors. Click To Tweet

What is it like to date a Sagittarius man?

One thing for sure: dating a Sagittarius man won’t be boring. Do not count on spending all the evenings at home passively watching movies or TV shows. Sagittarius likes to get out and have an adventure, so he will test you to see if you qualify as the mate who can finally keep up with him.

The Sagittarius man has a great love for travel, so you will probably go on a trip with him sooner than you might with men of other signs. Traveling together is a good test for any couple, as you will see if you can get along under unpredictable circumstances.

Sagittarius man himself has no problem in passing the travel test. However, the monotonous relationship routine may be a real challenge for him, so make sure not to trap him into it.

Dating a Sagittarius man can be a lot of fun. You may find yourself at parties with his friends, who have learned by now that having him in their life means accepting his free-spirited personality.

Sex with Sagittarius man

Some versions of the mythology surrounding the sign of Sagittarius identify its symbol, the archer, as a centaur — half man and half beast! This is a reasonably accurate depiction of the Sagittarius man’s sexual characteristics.

As cerebral as the Sagittarius man might be in the classroom or the workplace, due to his ruling planet, Jupiter, he is totally wild in bed. So prepare for pure physical pleasure. Just have fun, and don’t overthink it.

The Sagittarius man may get a little bit kinky, though in a fun-loving way rather than a dark or creepy way. Sagittarius always likes to keep learning new things in every area of his life, including the bedroom.

Sagittarius, similarly to Leo, knows how to have fun in bed. While the Leo man might be more interested in making himself look good, the Sagittarius man wants to go on a shared adventure with you. For the athletic Sagittarius, sex is a team sport, and, as the famous sports saying goes, there is no I in a team.

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Sagittarius always likes to keep learning new things in every area of his life, including the bedroom. Click To Tweet

How compatible are you with a Sagittarius man?

The best matches for a Sagittarius man are fire sign women: Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, as they share his sense of adventure.

Those born under fire zodiac signs tend to get a little wild at times. Therefore, they are better off having relationships with each other than with people of calmer signs who might not understand the importance of fun. Also, fire sign people often get loud in conversation, and others can’t always handle that.

Another strong match for a Sagittarius man would be an Aquarius woman, as she would share his need for freedom. These two might also enjoy philosophical discussions about how to increase freedom in the world. Aquarius is not as interested in the physical world as Sagittarius is, so she would not necessarily accompany him on all of his escapades. Still, their connection would be strong enough to withstand those times when they are apart.

The worst matches for a Sagittarius man would be a Cancer woman or a Capricorn woman. Cancer and Capricorn both have a conservative approach to life no matter what political party they belong to. They need more security and a more serious approach to money than Sagittarius can give them. Sagittarius, meanwhile, would require more adventure than they could give him.

Virgo is also not very compatible with Sagittarius. This is because Virgo usually focuses on practical details that are not important to him. The money would likely be a source of conflict between them too, given careless Sagittarius’s attitude towards spending.

Famous Sagittarius men

Sagittarius men are capable of outstanding achievements, but their positive attitude toward life can make what they do look effortless. As a result, they are sometimes overlooked in favor of more dramatic personalities.

Famous Sagittarius men include musician Jimi Hendrix and martial artist Bruce Lee. The latter displayed the athletic capability that Sagittarius men can have.

Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz was also a Sagittarius. Who else could make a comic about children and a dog so philosophical?

Television presenter Bill Nye the Science Guy is a classic embodiment of the scholarly side of Sagittarius.

Comedian and television personality Howie Mandel represents the entertaining quality of this zodiac sign.

Sagittarius man certainly has his share of passion that is often directed toward the cause of freedom. He has his goals, but he knows how to have fun along the way. Not everyone is up for the challenge of being the partner of a Sagittarius man. However, those who end up in a relationship with him will never lack adventure.

Valerie trained in journalism and spent a decade as an administrative assistant in an accounting firm. Astrology has always been her passion, and her career goal is to work in financial astrology.

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