emotional attachment

Infatuation can come in many different ways, but it always starts with some sort of butterflies. You may call it a hormone storm if you like. Next thing you know you start building expectations, projecting your feelings to the future and defining possible ‘us’ and start considering yourself being in a relationship. You naturally build an emotional attachment […]

nurture relationship

Every morning when I wake up I take some time to meditate and be thankful for the new day. Every morning I start with an apple, eating it in the front yard, on a chair, looking at the plants that I have planted myself. Then I water the plants after putting the bins on the

relationship pitfalls

‘He changed my life’, ‘I can’t breathe without my partner’, ‘I’d give up anything for love’. Surely you’ve heard these phrases before or even said that yourself. Are they really healthy to be told or believed in? I want to talk to you about things that get in the way of having a healthy relationship.

grow relationship happy couple

Everyone desires love. Some find it in nature, activities, animals, people around them and even themselves. The last one is a different kind of love, the base of it. When you hear the sentence: “You first start by loving yourself”, it’s hard to believe or digest it, especially if you are stuck in a less