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If you are like most people, you have probably experienced doubts about dating and wondered if you are doing dating in the “right way”. I know that I certainly have experienced doubts, and when I need dating advice for women, I seek out a variety of sources for help.

Dating and courtship certainly have changed since the days when our great-grandparents were alive! Dating websites, professional matchmakers, and more opportunities than ever before for careers and world travel have changed how dating is done. Also, gender roles have greatly shifted since the days when the Model T Ford was first invented. There are different expectations of men, women, relationships, and marriages. Keeping all of this in mind, you need to be very selective about which advice to accept and which advice to discard. Here are some examples of dating advice for women that you should never listen to.

Wait for the man to make the first move

I think that men are awesome, but I am so thankful that I wasn’t born a man! Men have a lot of expectations on them, and they are almost always expected to make the first move with regards to starting the dating process. Some men are shy and fear rejection, which prevents them from being upfront and expressing their interest in women who they want to date. If you are interested in a man, let him know that you want to try dating him.

There is no reason to wait for the man to make the first move when you know that you want to be with him too. Some people are procrastinators and feel that they have all of the time in the world to make decisions, but time waits for no one. Our current society that we are living in is one in which men have grown accustomed to women being bold. If you don’t let your love interest know that you like him, he might assume that you are not interested and he will pursue someone else.

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Love comes when you least expect It

Contrary to what you may have been taught, love does not always come when you least expect it. Being ready for new love is like preparing for your career. Take a moment now and think about your career and everything it has taken for you to be where you are right now. Did your success happen when you least expected it? Or did the culmination of your efforts result in you being where you are right now?

Success in life happens when we prepare for success and we move our thoughts towards success. If you want to be in a good relationship then you need to create opportunities that will help you to find your ideal match. If you have a love for horseback riding and your wish is to be paired with a man who is also an avid horseback rider, then you should become active in your local equestrian community and ask the members there to help match you with another single equestrian lover. There are also niche dating websites for equestrian singles that you can join. You need to be proactive with regards to love, not just twiddling your thumbs expecting love to show up when you are not looking.

Just be yourself

There is nothing wrong with staying true to who you are, but we all have flaws. Each one of us has something we need to work on. It is important for us to be the best version of ourselves, not just be ourselves. If I could have my way and just be myself instead of the best version of myself, I would lounge around the house in my pajamas and watch DVDs of Melrose Place (the original version starring Heather Locklear, Josie Bissett, and Grant Show) while munching on popcorn and drinking soda. However, if I am being the best that I can be, I would get up, get dressed, drink water, eat a healthy snack, and watch Melrose Place after I have tidied the house and done all of my work for the day.

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Can you relate? If you have a natural tendency to be sloppy and procrastinate, now is the time to do something about your bad habits. We no longer live in a generation when people are willing to tolerate their mate’s negative vibes and self-destructive behaviour. The ‘swipe left’ culture that we are in is one where people know that they have other options. If you want to keep someone’s interest in you, then you are going to strive to be at your best as much as possible. Make an effort to look good, treat your partner kindly, and be a productive member of society. If you need help, seek help from loved ones or from professionals who can help you.

Play games to test his feelings for you

I could probably write an entire book on this topic; playing games will backfire in your efforts to secure a man’s commitment. Certain games can be great; board games, competitive sports, and word search puzzles test your knowledge and skills. Playing games with your man’s affections will result in power trips and loss of trust.

Great relationships are based on communication, and it is hard to communicate with someone who is trying to win at all costs. Games involve at least one person trying to win at the expense of another person’s efforts. Relationships should be about partnering with each other to meet your needs so that you both win in your mutual and individual goals. Show that you can be a mature and respectful partner by treating your significant other like someone who you care for instead of an opponent.

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It is always good to learn from your own experiences, and it is also wise to learn from those who came before you. Thankfully, there is an abundance of books, podcasts, and articles dishing the dating advice. If you want to have a successful dating journey, you would do yourself a service by trying out these dating tips! Keeping a dating journal to track your progress will help you to feel even more confident and proactive as you blaze a new trail for yourself. And, you might be able to pass on some new dating tips of your own to other single women who will benefit from your experiences.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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