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While you’re out there dating, there are certain qualities and situations that you should watch out for and be aware of with women. Even though we all dream of a perfect girlfriend, we all have those horrific or unflattering dates that we can remember. Think to yourself, what turned you off? Was it her not showing up for the date and standing you up? Was it the fact that she didn’t post a recent photo of herself before you decided to take her out, only to realize that she doesn’t look the same anymore? Or was it her talking about herself on the date, and not really getting to know you or listening? Were her eyes wandering around? Was she bored? Or even worse… was she rolling her eyes at you?

Now, think about the woman that you last fell in love with. What qualities did she have that stands out from your bad dates? Did she flip her hair that certain way to make her irresistible? Was it her alluring gaze or pretty smile? Was it her round booty that mesmerized you? Maybe it’s time for you to formulate a strategy going into your next ‘right swipes’, and those dates that you decide to actually schedule.

What would be your perfect girlfriend? What qualities would she possess to keep you coming back for more? How would she capture your heart, and make you want to keep her? Better yet, what does she do to make you infatuated with her, or obsessed with her? Let’s go over the qualities that should be on every guy’s checklist.

She’s exquisite in appearance

Most straight guys want the hottest woman that will have them. Are you attracted to blondes, brunettes, or red-haired women? Do you like curvy or skinny types? Are you more attracted to breasts than booty, or do you prefer both? What kind of style are you after? Do you like her fashion or style? Do you usually date women with blue eyes? Hazel? Green? Brown? Pink? (I hope not pink eyes). These are all questions that you must ask yourself before jumping into that dating pool. Narrow down your matches, so that you will inevitably feel more satisfied, and not disappointed.

Your perfect girlfriend should be your trophy girlfriend. You should want to be seen with her, and she should match your appearance, or look much better than you. In other words, if you can’t usually get the type of women that you’re attracted to, try putting less emphasis on her outward appearance (the superficial stuff), and get to know her inside. Perhaps she will grow on you with some time. Ideally, you will want to have a girlfriend who you are really attracted to and get along with. It should be a win-win.

A woman who looks exquisite in appearance will have superb fashion sense. She already knows what kind of outfits look good on her, and she loves to flaunt her appearance. If she has a nice rack, she’ll proudly show it off. If she has long and beautiful legs, she will wear short dresses. If she has a nice booty, she’ll wear tight jeans. A lot of women just have excellent style. They just have it. They were born with it. She may have a certain unique style that will catch your attention (as well as other men).

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Let’s be real here — you will have competition for the woman of your dreams. Nothing comes without hard work. You will compete with other men similar to how you compete with other successful candidates for a good job. If you have your eyes on the woman who is exquisite in appearance (and she knows it), 20 other single men will have their eyes on her as well. So how will you stand out from them? You will have a strategy. You will be confident. You will also be unique, and by no means will you treat her like a princess or queen. Because she already gets that from everyone who finds her beautiful and puts her up on a pedestal. She’s been hearing that she’s beautiful since she was born. You’re going in to get to know her beyond her superficial appearance. So you start by asking her simple questions and being funny and fun to be around. Ask questions, but let her get to know you slowly.

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She allows you to ‘be yourself’

There are plenty of ‘love experts’ to go around that will give you advice about being a challenge with women, playing games with women, and not really being your genuine self, or revealing your real personality. That’s fine and dandy if you’re just looking for a sex buddy, however, you will end up alone if you can’t be yourself around her. It’s fine to use some useful tips and dating advice from love experts, but eventually, your ‘real self’ will come out while getting to know her better. It’s just inevitable unless you’re a superb actor or a con man. So, you need to make sure that you’re not acting like someone that you are not if you want her to stay. Women like genuine guys who don’t want to merely have sex with them and treat them like sex objects (most women do, that is). Also, don’t be too thirsty while you communicate with them, or during your dates with them.

If you feel comfortable around her, and she ‘lets you be yourself’, more power to you! You found yourself a keeper because you can be your genuine self around her, and she happens to love you just the way that you are, flaws and all. It’s best to look for a woman who lets you just be you and loves you for it.

Before being ‘yourself’, it’s time to do some self-examination. Are there tendencies that you can improve upon? Perhaps you can improve your communication skills, or become more empathetic to her feelings. Maybe you’re too focused on your career and yourself, and you need to be more caring and thoughtful to her. Maybe you’re disrespecting her in some ways, and you need to fix that. Be yourself around her, but don’t be afraid to improve, or be self-critical. Don’t ask her for criticism, but take a long look at yourself to see what you can improve to make your life (and hers) much easier.

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She respects and honors you

You want to be with a woman who doesn’t put you down all of the time or insults you. Your perfect girlfriend should compliment you, lift you up while you’re down, and show you empathy. She should show you that she cares about you, and respects you. She will do this with her actions by being loyal to her behavior, and you will feel like number one to her. If you already have this in your relationship, thank your lucky stars, because a lot of guys don’t, and they suffer in silence.

She will also do nice things for you, surprise you when you least expect it, and you will feel loved because she’ll give you love since she’s a flexible giver. If there’s a change of plans, it’s no big deal. If you can’t go out on the date for some reason, she’ll allow you to reschedule or she’ll counteroffer. If you have a woman like this, make sure that you return the favor as well, and don’t take her for granted. Show her that you appreciate her flexibility with you.

The woman that respects and honors you should feel loved. That means that you will often pay her back for her loyalty and love. Surprise her with a fancy date, buy her a gift that she’ll cherish, hug her when she feels down to lift her up. There are many things that you can do to pay her back for her love and support. If she makes you #1, you should show her that she’s your perfect girlfriend.

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She hates drama and arguing

Your perfect girlfriend will hate drama and arguing with you. A relationship is no fun if you are always going back and forth with arguing and trying to ‘one-up’ each other. If she’s the kind of dramatic woman that needs drama in her life (some women are), you can try to talk with her first, but most likely she won’t change for you.

You need to be with someone that you can relax around and chill with, and someone who doesn’t have the tendency of making drama out of little situations. Save yourself the headache, heartache, and grief, and find someone who is caring, kind, and doesn’t like drama and arguing. Some women will say that they hate drama and arguing but will behave oppositely like they need the tumultuous drama in their life around you. Do yourself a favor, and save the drama for going out to the movies.

You will have your share of arguments in a relationship (in most relationships you will disagree or argue from time to time), but there’s a difference between arguing once a month and twice a day over little meaningless things. Find a woman who you can disagree with, but you can also make up with, and move forward and learn from the experience. That’s flexibility. If you’re finding yourself arguing with her over everything, you’re likely in a toxic relationship, and do yourself a favor and get out before things get worse for you. Trust me.

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She’s fun and optimistic about life

Let’s face it… We all have our bad days. I’m not stating that she needs to be phony and smiling all of the time, but she should have a generally optimistic view about life. If she cusses a lot, and you feel like she’s a negative ball of energy, she’s probably not the right fit for you. She should be fun, and you should be able to enjoy life with her, without negative vibes, and always having to feel like you need to cheer her up for her to get through the day.

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Your perfect girlfriend should want to go to football games with you, bowling, go out to comedy clubs, romantic restaurants, creative events, and she should want to spend time with you without feeling bored. She should have high interest level in you. You will have the occasional situations when you won’t get along in the relationship, but for the most part, you are inseparable. She shows you that she loves you by spending time with you and enjoying it.

When she’s fun and optimistic about life, you have a stable relationship. It makes life much easier. She’s someone that you can depend on and you can confide in. When you do things together, you have a good time. You create memories. You find yourself traveling the world, experiencing life together, and enjoying your relationship together. When she’s fun and optimistic about life, you are as well.

She’s loyal and has your back

Last but not least, she’s loyal and supportive. She talks you up in front of her friends, doesn’t put you down, doesn’t insult you, or talk shit about you behind your back. She says good things about you because she values you. A good woman will defend you if someone says something negative about you.

She’ll also think about you first. She makes you the priority in her brain and heart because she has high interest level in you, and she doesn’t want to jeopardize your relationship. When she’s loyal and has your back, you have little to worry about. Life is difficult as it is, and she will be your loyal partner in life. It’s important that you understand how lucky you are, and that you treat her well.

A telltale sign will be if you feel like your relationship is stable and fun, as opposed to an uphill battle with plenty of drama. Can you chill with your girlfriend, or do you argue about petty things on a daily basis? Does everything seem difficult for you, and do you feel like having a mental breakdown with her? Does she push you to your limit, or are things generally pleasant within the relationship? Your relationship should feel easy, pleasant, and nurturing. You should feel loved and complete. That’s what your perfect girlfriend will give you. Remember that.

These are the main qualities to look out for when you are dating. Your perfect girlfriend will realize that you’re special to her, she will treat you right, and I have some friends personally that are lucky enough to have women with these qualities. I’ve also experienced the opposite when guys struggle to keep their women interested in them, and their wives or girlfriends end up cheating or breaking their hearts. It’s unfortunate that this happens, but if you learn from your bad dating and relationship experiences, hopefully, karma will reward you down the road with someone special that you can call your perfect girlfriend.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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