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You met a great guy you can see yourself getting along with when, suddenly, poof! He stopped texting, stopped calling, and simply just disappeared. So, what to do?

I get it; a great guy doesn’t come around daily. Right? Wrong! If you live under the assumption that good guys don’t come around daily, why not wait for Mr. No Show to contact you? You might find yourself waiting for a very long time. Or, the alternative, you could end up with a guy that disappears, then reappears weeks later. The key is to set some boundaries and stop waiting around for or worrying about a guy that suddenly stopped texting you.

Don’t try to justify him

There are all sorts of reasons why a guy stops texting you: he was in the hospital, he lost his phone, and his dog ate his phone. Whatever the reason was, don’t try to justify his behavior. If you haven’t crossed any boundaries or pissed him off, there is no reason a guy stops texting you unless he is no longer interested.

Ghosting is not cool. However, people are free to do what they want. No law states that if a man is not interested in you, he has to call or text you to let you know. That’s etiquette, and let’s face it, ladies, some men, and admittedly some women lack etiquette. They just do not have the class or the courage to behave like a mature adult in a relationship. Would you want to be with a man that acts like an immature child?

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Stop wasting your energy

If you do not block this guy right away, one day, when you feel whole again, he will text you a cool ” Hello ” out of the blue.” And, what you will do is not necessarily what you should do, so why not save yourself the drama and block him? Don’t wait for him to try to slip back into your life uninvited and then slip out the same way he came in. Set some boundaries.

When you give a guy who stopped texting you your energy, you tell the universe that you do not believe you deserve better. Sure, it sucks not hearing from a guy you like. However, what’s worse is limiting yourself to a guy who didn’t feel you were worth texting or an explanation as to why he no longer wants to see or hear from you. This is why you have to let go and move on. The more energy you expend on a guy who is just not that into you, the more you will tell yourself that you are not worthy.

Work on your standards

If you do not set some standards as to what you will or will not tolerate, you’re likely to wind up with another Houdini that thinks he can whisk himself into and out of your life whenever he feels like it. That’s not cool and should be unacceptable. You deserve better. Why he stopped texting you is not the question, but rather why you care that he stopped texting you. If you still like him, then my question is, what is there to like about a guy that, for no good reason, shuts off communication? That doesn’t sound like a guy worth wasting your time or your heart. Instead, work on your standards. Change your conversation with yourself and tell yourself what a great catch you are. Don’t let Mr. Houdini trick you into feeling low or getting down on yourself. Instead, set the bar higher for yourself so that you learn not to waste time and energy on anyone who ghosts you.

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Get out there and date

Have you ever heard that if you fall off a horse, you must get back up and ride again? Well, the same is with dating guys. And, no, I do not mean right away, but when you feel ready, go out and have the best date! Doing this increases your chances of meeting someone great, someone who feels you are worth calling and texting. However, be careful not to carry your past experiences into your current dating experience. Each person is unique; thus, treat each man you go out on a date with like his unique individual.

As a woman, you are responsible for protecting yourself and taking care of yourself. Just as you would protect your home from an intruder, you must also be careful who you allow into your space. Sometimes people do not want to be in our lives, which is their right. However, it is also your right not to have anybody hurt you for no reason. Since you are accountable for only yourself, thus you cannot control anyone else’s actions or inactions. However, you can respect yourself enough not to get hung up on a guy that stopped texting you. Instead, look for a guy that cannot get enough of you.

Collette is the author of a groundbreaking and innovative book on relationships "Finding Happily... No Rules, No Frogs, No Pretending", available on Amazon. She is a former domestic violence survivor and victim of violence, who shifted her traumatic experience into a catalyst to empower women with positive education about healthy relationships. Collette's passion for social justice and healthy relationships has given her a powerful foundation to spread her message. Her mission is to teach others how to live successfully and harmoniously. Connect with Collette on her website Finding Happily or on Twitter.

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