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Are you tearing your hair out trying to decide what to get for your Valentine? Feeling sick of love-heart-shaped chocolate boxes and tacky V-Day merch? No more time-wasting browsing stores and trying to find something original for your guy! This list of Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend is sure to provide you with some unique gift ideas.

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Cute Valentine’s Day gifts for your boyfriend

The cutest gift ideas are the ones that help your boyfriend to feel pampered (something men often don’t think to do themselves). That way, he will be cozy and reminded of you when he relaxes.

Men’s Fuzzy Slippers

Many guys are unlikely to buy themselves a nice pair of slippers, so your boyfriend will definitely appreciate them as a gift. Sometimes all he needs to relax at the end of a long day is to slip into these.

Double Wall Glass Cute Bear Mugs

Does your boyfriend remind you of a cuddly teddy bear? Or maybe that’s the nickname that you gave him? Then those cute matching mugs are a great gift idea so you both can enjoy a cup of hot beverage together.

Fleece Pajama Set

Whether you fall asleep next to each other at night or you live apart, this comfortable fleece pajama set will keep your boyfriend cozy and warm. It will surely make him think of you as he drifts off into a peaceful sleep.

Luxury Sandalwood Bath Soap Set

Men are notorious for skimping on toiletries such as soap and shower gels. If your man’s bathroom is still limited to the same old 2 in 1 hair and body wash, why not introduce him to this luxury soap set?

Non-cheesy Valentine’s Day gifts for him

Does your boyfriend hate cheesy Valentine’s Day stuff? Why not go for one of these gifts for something more fun and original.

Top 100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

Whether he is a real movie buff already or is looking to expand his cinematic horizons, this poster can inspire him to check out some classics. Working your way through the list as a couple can be a great indoor activity and a lot of fun too!

Smartphone Pro Lens Kit

Even though mobile phone cameras have become pretty advanced in recent years, there are still some limitations compared to good quality cameras. If your boyfriend loves photography and wants to capture your treasured moments in more detail, this kit is excellent!

Whiskey Decanter Globe and Glasses Set

For the man who likes to imbibe in style, this decorative whiskey (or vodka, rum, gin, or any other drink) decanter and glasses set is classy as well as functional. Don Draper would be jealous.

Tabletop Foosball Game

Foosball—also known as “table football”—is a classic game for two. Whether your man is a sports fan or not, this compact wooden tabletop game is a great addition to any game room.

Pure Copper Water Bottle

There is no reason a water bottle can’t be every bit as stylish and classy as any other drinks bottle. This copper water bottle has an aesthetically-pleasing and ergonomically comfortable “honeycomb” design.

Romantic Valentine’s Day gifts

There are plenty of ways that you can be romantic without being cheesy. You don’t need a teddy bear with a heart-shaped balloon to show him how much you love him—these gifts are a little classier while still being intimate.

A Year of Us: A Couples Journal

Explore what it is that you really love about each other with this gift. Each day features a different question about your lives and relationships and can really strengthen your bond with each other.

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I Cerealsly Love You Spoon

Remind your boyfriend that you love him first thing in the morning, even if you are apart! This engraved cereal spoon is guaranteed to put a smile on his face while he’s munching on a bowl of his favorite breakfast.

Manly Indulgence Jar Candle

Why not add some romantic vibes to your Valentine’s evening with this manly-scented candle? Oakmoss, musk, and fresh fir fragrance will create an ambiance while you two sip on drinks, play couple’s games, and enjoy each other’s company.

Love Language Card Game

This card game is a great way to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day evening with the love of your life. Open a nice bottle of wine, light some candles, and allow these conversation starters to inspire you to really get to know each other on a deeper level.

Relaxing Massage Oil

Your man deserves some relaxation and pampering as much as you do. This gift can help you spend a perfect evening together—just lather up and treat him to a sensual massage. If you’re lucky, he’ll give you one in return!

Funny Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

Are you one of those couples who enjoy a good laugh and light-hearted humor? Put a smile on your boyfriend’s face and give him a giggle with these funny Valentine’s Day gifts.

Pizza Socks

Forget the “Bring me wine” socks; pizza socks are the thing this year! These unique design socks, complete with pizza box packaging, are a great gift for the pizza fan in your life.

Gym Tank Top

If your man is a bit of a gym bunny—or even the exact opposite—this novelty tank top with the words “I Flexed and the Sleeves Fell Off” will give him a chuckle.

Taco-Shaped Pillow

If he is a huge fan of Mexican cuisine and sleeping (and honestly, who isn’t?), this pillow can spice up his bedtime routine. It’ll certainly give him something to “taco ’bout.”

Funny Animal Boxer Shorts

Every man needs a good supply of boxer shorts. These novelty shorts are not only equipped with saucy catchphrases but are also highly comfortable, made purely from high quality combed cotton.

Inexpensive Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your boyfriend how much you care. If you are on a tight budget or are looking for a little extra gift, these inexpensive gifts won’t break the bank.

Message in a Bottle Capsule Letters

What’s better than a message in a bottle? 90 messages in a bottle, of course! This stylish glass bottle features cute capsules, each containing a small piece of paper for you to write your boyfriend a loving message on. Get creative and express your feelings!

Striking Viking Folding Wooden Comb

Whether your man has thick hair, a lustrous beard, a dapper mustache, or all three, this convenient folding wooden comb is perfect for his grooming needs. Bonus points for pairing this with the skincare set.

Smartphone Bicycle Mount

If your boyfriend is a keen cyclist, he may love this handy mount to attach his smartphone to the handlebars. Just try not to distract him with video calls or saucy photos on his daily commute!

Wooden Wine Bottle Puzzle

Not only is this wine bottle puzzle a real brain teaser but it is also made of smooth, stylish wood. Let him wow his guests at a dinner party with this puzzle for wine lovers.

King & Queen Wine And Beer Glass Set

For the couple who love to drink together, this set of matching glasses is a cute gift idea. If you prefer beer and he prefers wine, you can even swap them around for a laugh!

Surprise Valentine’s Day gifts for him

If your budget is a little more flexible, you may want something more extravagant. Push the boat out and surprise your boyfriend with a real treat!

Powerbeats Pro Wireless Earphones

Is your man a music fan? These iconic wireless earphones from the Beats by Dre range are the perfect gift for the guy who can’t be without his tunes, whether he is working, relaxing, or out for a run.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

Does your boyfriend always forget his coffee on his desk before it gets cold? This temperature control smart mug ensures he has a warm drink at all times, whether the two of you are at home or out on a camping trip in winter.

Electric Air Fryer

Air frying is the latest craze when it comes to cooking. Quick, convenient, and healthier than frying in oil or fat, this electric air fryer can help your boyfriend cook up some delicious treats with minimal effort.

Italian Leather Wireless Charging Pad

Does your man have countless charging cables for various devices? Help him avoid scrabbling through a drawer, trying to find the right cable in a tangled mess with this gift. This luxury charging pad is simple, convenient, and made of stylish Italian leather.

Oculus Go Virtual Reality Headset

Virtual Reality is the perfect escapism. If your boyfriend is into video gaming and tech, a Virtual Reality headset can be a real treat. This one may earn you a massive number of brownie points and make him incredibly grateful.

Valentine’s Day gifts for your long-distance boyfriend

Unfortunately, we can’t always be physically near our partners. If the two of you live apart, plenty of gifts can make your loved one feel close to you, even when you are far away.

Scrapbooking Gift Box

At first glance, this may appear to be a simple gift box, but on opening it, your boyfriend will see an “explosion” of cute photos and notes of your love for him. Add a small present or a love letter in the hidden middle box for that extra surprise.

Recycled Auto Parts Romantic Metal Sculpture

When distance keeps you apart, a gift that reminds him of your love is ideal. This original metal sculpture made from recycled auto parts will remind your boyfriend of you and your feelings until you see each other next.

Herschel Duffel Bag

One of the most frustrating things about a long-distance relationship is deciding what to pack when you visit your partner. This quality duffel bag will let him carry everything he wants when he comes to see you.

Hug This Pillowcase

Nighttime is usually the most common time to miss your long-distance partner. When your boyfriend is alone in bed, he probably dreams of hugging and cuddling you. This pillowcase will remind him that he will see you again and help him drift off to sleep.

RFID Blocking Slim Leather Wallet

Slim and stylish, this genuine leather wallet will be an accessory your boyfriend carries with him every day. You can slip your photo into it, so the distance between you does not feel that big.

Personalized Couples Necklace

Is there any better gift for a king of your heart than a king’s crown necklace matching yours? This cute necklace set is a perfect symbol of love that will remind your boyfriend of you no matter how far the distance is between you.

Unique Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

These next gifts are some that most guys would never expect to receive on Valentine’s Day—which can make them even more exciting!

Steampunk Mechanical Cufflinks

Steampunk is a unique yet popular visual style. If your guy loves this look, these cufflinks can help him express his unique personality at any classy function.

Star Wars Star Destroyer Bluetooth Speaker

This high-quality Bluetooth speaker is perfect for the sci-fi fan, featuring a detailed, light-up replica of the iconic Star Destroyer from the Star Wars franchise. The force is strong with this gift.

Real Leather Work Apron

Whether he is working with wood or metal, doing interior decoration, or even just cooking, this genuine leather work apron is useful and smart. With compartments for various tools, your boyfriend will surely not misplace that essential screwdriver again.

Decorative Bookends

A set of unique bookholders will surely be useful for a bookworm boyfriend. These artsy, non-slip bookends will help him organize his books or records and help him keep his shelves tidy.

Electric Indoor Grill

Is your Valentine into grilling? Unfortunately, there are often no chances to do this without having a terrace or a backyard. This powerful yet compact indoor device will allow your boyfriend to grill to his heart’s content.

Magnetic Levitating Globe with LED Light

Is your boyfriend hard to buy for? The levitating globe is a gift that can’t fail to impress! The floating and rotating globe lit with LED light will surely amuse him, and it will be a nice decoration for your boyfriend’s desk or living room.

Creative Valentine’s Day gifts for him

If your man has a creative streak, a gift that allows him to indulge in his passion can be much appreciated. Whether it’s art, baking, or putting together some LEGO blocks, these gifts can get his creative juices flowing.

USA Beer Cap Map

If your boyfriend can’t miss trying out the new brews, this gift idea is just for him! The maple wood beer cap map will hold the caps from every state he has traveled to. It could also be a great inspiration to visit more states just to fill in the blanks!

Bread and Pizza Cookbook

Making your bread from scratch is becoming an increasingly popular pastime. If your boyfriend has been considering trying it out, this recipe book can teach him how to create delicious dough for different types of bread, pizza bases, and more.

LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle

Who says LEGO is just for kids? This ship-in-a-bottle set features a whopping nine-hundred-and-sixty-two pieces to offer a real challenge for your boyfriend.

Complete Beer-Making Starter Kit

What could be more fun for him than drinking beer? Making his own beer (and then drinking it after, of course)! Many guys dream of trying their hand at home brewing, and this starter kit is a perfect way to give it a go.

Artist’s Drawing Set

Does your boyfriend fancy himself a bit of a Picasso? The artist’s drawing set will allow him to follow his artistic impulses. You never know—you might even receive a gorgeous portrait of yourself!

Sexy Valentine’s Day gifts for boyfriend

If you’re not sure what your boyfriend likes, there’s something that most guys spend a lot of their time thinking about. Appeal to the more primal instincts of your partner with these sexy gifts.

Naughty Token

This fun novelty token entitles your boyfriend to, well, get naughty. Trust me, no guy is going to turn this one down.

Kama Sutra Book

The classic book The Kama Sutra is an excellent gift for anyone exploring the centuries-old art of lovemaking. This handy guide will suggest a new position daily, 365 days a year.

Intimate Getaway Travel Set

Are you planning a little escapade for Valentine’s Day? This unique gift set of kissable sensual treats perfectly accompanies a passionate weekend away!

Monogamy Adult Board Game

A night playing a board game together can be surprisingly intimate. When the board game is Monogamy—designed to lead to steamy bedroom-based activities—this applies doubly.

Not every gift idea on this list will suit every man, of course, but there are bound to be a few ideas that your boyfriend will love. Choosing the right thing can show him how much you love and appreciate him. Just imagine his eyes when he unwraps that perfect gift on Valentine’s Day!

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