indoor activities for couples

We all love the great outdoors. However, have you ever considered indoor activities for your date? Whether you’re low on funds, a bit under the weather, or just fancy something more relaxed, there are loads of fun options available right on your doorstep. Let’s explore a few great indoor activities for couples! Rainy day activities […]

bad dates

Awkward silences, ‘quirky’ personalities and embarrassing situations are common experiences that fit under the umbrella of bad dates. Now, thanks to online dating, these experiences are just a click away. That’s why I want to share my top five online dating disasters, in a bid to find someone who can match or even top my catastrophes. From Tinder traumas to the horrors of Happn, here I share five stories of the worst dates I’ve had. Tinder tickling fetish traumas Like all Tinder romances ours began with a right swipe. After

first date outfit

It’s your classic movie montage moment: girl gets ready for date with boy and tries on everything in her wardrobe before finally emerging in an amazing ensemble. Sadly we don’t all live in a movie and a romantic sound track isn’t going to solve your first date outfit conundrums. The secret is to get the balance

dating rules

Like most young singletons I’ve been on a fair few Tinder dates. Some bad, some very bad. The only good thing about this is that now I know quite clearly what I like and what I don’t. Cinema is an obvious no-no, meals are way too much commitment and when you’re a lightweight like me,