how to deal with a player

Taylor Swift once wrote a little song called ‘Shake it off’. I think you may know it? The one where the ‘players gonna play and the haters gonna hate’. If you are anything like me you want to throw your hands in the air and use a thousand preaching hand emoji’s whilst screaming ‘can I […]


The silence is the worst part. After any relationship ends, it will feel like you go through every feeling, and my goodness, does it hurt. The shock, anger, grief, brief bouts of positivity, and hopefulness are all feelings you will, at some stage, experience. Then just when you think you have made it, a memory


I can write a list about all of the things about being single that make us feel like there is something fundamentally wrong with us. The dinner parties where you are on your own. The nights out with all of your couple friends. The family functions where you are put on the kids table or


Feelings are like colds. You catch them and oh boy have I caught them. But unlike a cold, you cannot just take two pills and sleep it off. This is much more complicated and harder to figure out. If you have been single for a long time like me, you become somewhat immune to feelings.

toxic relationship

A normal relationship can have their good moments and their bad moments. When they are good, you feel like you can conquer the world with your partner. Yet a bad relationship can resemble a car wreck and have disastrous effects on you and your partner. Couples will fight. It can be a sign of a

Dating rules

Dating game. Just that word combination is enough to send shivers down any single person’s spine. It can be like a real-life version of The Bachelorette and the Hunger Games combined. In my opinion, it is pretty savage out there, and the biggest reason why I have aged quicker than I care to admit. Being


It’s no secret that women travel together in packs as wingwomen. We go out together, moving as a herd, finding a vantage point somewhere between the bar and the dancefloor, order our drinks, and my goodness, we look great doing it. I know better than anyone that we do this for reasons like safety in