How to Deal With Being Ghosted

how to deal with being ghosted

The ghosting phenomenon that has struck today’s dating is a cold and selfish way of ending a romance, even a friendship in some cases. Basically, they stop replying to your messages and leave your calls to ring out, leaving you hanging and unsure of what went wrong. It sounds just as sucky as it feels […]

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What to Do After a Breakup

what to do after a breakup

When a relationship falls apart the natural grieving process takes its toll and you deal with things the only way you know how. Whether that’s grabbing your closest friends to paint the town red or shutting yourself off from the world. However, there is a version of you without your ex partner that is happy, […]

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Is Dating a Friend a Good Idea?

dating a friend

In my most profound relationship I considered my partner to be my best friend. We had a great relationship, we did everything together and I truly felt comfortable around him even from the early stages. A lasting relationship is first and foremost a partnership and should be treated like an investment. The more time invested […]

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