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If you are struggling with conversation topics during the date and you always run out of ideas what questions to ask a girl, here are 50 things to get the conversation rolling. Your primary job during the date will be making the conversation enticing and listening to her.

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1. What do you love to do for fun?

This is a great date conversation opener. Let her talk about what she enjoys doing during her free time. This could be a good excuse to invite her on the next date, if things go well and you click.

2. What makes you happy?

Who wants to talk about negative things during a date? Asking about something that makes her happy will get her smiling and it will pay off for you down the road.

3. What perfume do you wear?

I’ve dated women in the past who wear a certain fragrance, and it sets you off in a good way! Asking her about her perfume will show her that you notice small details about her and you can always compliment her choice of fragrance.

4. Who is the closest person to you?

They say that you are defined by people closest to you. Does she have her bestie that she can call in the middle of the night? Or maybe her mum is her closest confidant? Don’t miss a chance to hear about the most important people in her life.

5. Where do you love to shop?

Does she like to shop? Then she probably likes to talk about it as well. You’re asking about her favourite places to shop. Guess what your next date is going to be? Shopping at the mall!

6. What do you find attractive in a guy?

Your key is to do as many things that she finds attractive as possible. Remember what she finds attractive, and make a mental list in your head.

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7. How long have you been single?

There’s nothing wrong with asking this question. If she’s been single for a long time, it can be a good thing. Maybe she’s very selective, and she’s picking you out of the mess of men who failed with her.

8. What books do you love to read?

This will trigger her intellectual side. Some women read to escape the daily drudgery of reality, and it ignites the fantasy and pleasure portion of her brain. Guess what? Asking this question during a date will do the same thing for you!

9. What turns you on?

This will ignite the pleasure side in a female’s brain. If she’s showing you positive body language during this question and turns into you, maybe it’s time to ask for the check.

10. Have you seen any good movies lately?

Talking about shows or movies that you enjoy is a positive way to connect, and may lead to many nights of holding her and watching your mutually favorite shows or movies together.

11. What’s your favourite website?

You can connect technically during a date, with favourite web sites. Perhaps you’ll learn about a new web site that you’ve never heard of before, and it can change the way that you do things in a positive fashion.

12. What do you love about yourself?

Notice here that I’m asking her what she loves about herself. This should attract some positive energy, and may ignite an intriguing conversation about what she loves. Perhaps you’ll agree with her, and love her too.

13. Where would you like to travel?

Talking about travel and different destinations is always a good thing. Bring some culture into your conversation, and dream about future travel destinations together.

14. What’s your favourite activity?

Get a feel of what she enjoys doing, and how she loves to spend her free time. If she loves going to the gym, and you’re a bit of a gym rat yourself — Gold mine!

15. What turns you off about guys?

Learn about what turns her off about guys, and avoid doing it at all costs, unless you’re not into her. If you really like her, get her talking about her bad exes, so that you can be fresh, exciting, new, and different with her.

16. What do you enjoy doing on weekends?

This question will give you an idea of what kinds of activities that you can do for fun on your weekends with her. If she loves movies, fine dining, shopping, concerts, going to art galleries, plan out future dates that make her excited.

17. What is your biggest goal?

This will give you an idea of what her goals are. Try to align your goals with hers, or simply offer to help her reach something that she’s yearning for. It doesn’t hurt to help or support her to attain her dreams.

18. What do you desire in a new relationship?

You can listen, and prepare your relationship to line-up with her desires, or perhaps you don’t see yourself going down that road in your future. It’s a good question to ask to gauge her interest level in a new relationship.

19. Do you like pets?

You don’t want to date a woman who hates dogs, if you love your doggie. Is she a pet person, or not? Maybe you don’t like cats, but she owns 10 cats. Do you want to spend the rest of your life cleaning her kitty litter? I don’t think so.

20. What is your favourite restaurant?

If she’s a foodie, she will love this question. You’ll learn about new restaurants that you previously didn’t know existed, or you can also take her to that Mexican restaurant up the street that she’s been missing. She may just happen to love burritos.

21. What was school like for you?

Oh yeah… Now you’re conjuring up sentimental memories of the days that she spent at school with her favourite friends. Those special days of her youth that she loves and cherishes with fond memories.

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22. What’s your favourite drink?

Is she a beer person or a wine person? Does she like cocktails? Has she got her favourite one? If you figure out her favourite drink, you’ll know what to buy for her on her next round. Just don’t go all Bill Cosby on her. That’s bad.

23. What music do you like to listen to?

Find out how your musical tastes align. Get her talking about her favourite music styles and bands, so that you can impress her with your carefully selected Spotify playlist when you take her for a ride on your next date. Better yet, how about getting her concert tickets to her favourite band? Can’t go wrong with that.

24. What are you doing next weekend?

If you’re interested in her, you will want to know what she’s doing next weekend. Hopefully she won’t be going out on another Tinder date. If she wants to see you, she will probably tell you, now that she doesn’t have any big plans. Carpe diem!

25. Do you want to have kids?

Is she a kid person? Not a bad question to ask. If you want to have kids down the road, and she doesn’t, it will be a problem, won’t it? Why not get the question out of the way, and save yourself future heartache?

26. What was the worst dating experience that you had?

This will get her talking about those terrible guys that she encountered in the past, and guess what? Sitting across the table from her isn’t one of them. Hahaha!

27. Are you on social media?

If things are working out for you on your dates, why not connect over social media? You can learn a lot about a person over social media: their hobbies, interests, views on certain things, or events that they like to attend.

28. How do you like dating sites?

Get a general idea of her previous track record on dating sites. Has she went out a lot? Does she get around? This will be an important question to ask for your own future personal decisions.

29. Do you eventually want to get married?

You won’t want to spend time with someone who doesn’t want to get married, if you do. If you don’t want to get married again, and she does, this will be a problem for you both down the road — won’t it?

30. Where did you grow up?

Get a feel of her upbringing. Was it pleasant with fond memories? If she is keen talking about that, you can continue to ask her questions about her childhood, favourite friends, and games that she loved. If it’s conjuring up back bad memories of her childhood, promptly change the subject.

31. If you won a lottery, what would you do?

Would she go ravaging designer stores? Will she buy new kitchen for her mum? Or maybe she’d go travelling the world? Even if it is a hypothetical situation, it will help you to determine her values and priorities in life.

32. What celebrity would you want to date?

Is she a George Clooney gal or a Henry Cavill gal? Does she have a crush on Eminem, and you look like his spitting image? Good for you. Is she attracted to a creepy celeb? Run away.

33. Do you enjoy running and fitness?

If she loves to run, you should consider jogging together. Fitness girl will love it, and you will be her running partner on weekends. Not a bad move.

34. Do you like camping?

Some women hate camping, and some women love the outdoors. This will be a question to get her mind thinking about shacking up in a tent with you.

35. What are your favorite memories?

The key here is to get her talking about good times. If you’re making her feel comfortable and pleasant with you, she will feel closer to you, and have happy and pleasant thoughts in your presence.

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36. Can we text?

Texting is a great way to form a connection with a girl to get to know her better. If she loves to text, get creative with your hearts, funny monkey faces and other emoji. You know what that juicy peach means, right?

37. Do you have siblings?

It’s probably important to ask if she has any siblings, so that you are genuinely interested in her upbringing, and you will need to know if she has a protective brother or sister who wants to beat you up if you mistreat her.

38. What’s your nickname?

Does she have any nickname that her friends call her? Perhaps her parents used to call her a cute nickname when she was a child? There’s no better way to make the person open up, than bringing up those childhood sentiments.

39. Do you love to cook?

If she loves to cook, good for you! If she’s a health nut, bad for you! She won’t appreciate your McD’s runs for a double quarter pounder meal at midnight.

40. Do you like coffee or tea?

This is a vital question for planning your dates. You don’t want to take her to a specialty coffee shop, if she hates coffee. Maybe you can learn to appreciate tea, and check out a local tea shop.

41. Where do you live?

Try to ask this question in the most non stalker-like way. If she’s local, good for you. If she lives in another city, you will want to consider starting a long-term relationship. They normally don’t work out, by the way.

42. Do you love fashion?

Get an idea of her fashion sense. Maybe she’s got a distinct stylistic look. If she’s into fashion, ask her who her favourite designers are.

43. Are you right-brained or left-brained?

This is crucial to her decision making, so it’s good to know. If she’s a bit flighty and into music, art, and creative stuff, she’s right-brained. If she’s finicky about her money, and sticks to a tight budget, she’s likely left-brained. Sometimes opposites attract, other times it’s cool to be on the same page with interests.

44. What is your star sign?

Once you learn her star sign, you can look up the sign’s compatibility with yours. This can be a fun project that you will mutually enjoy together to find out if you’re compatible or not.

45. When’s your birthday?

You will want to know her birthday. Period. Write it down and remember it.

46. Do you enjoy family time?

See if she enjoys hanging out with family. This might lead to you spending your time with her parents. If she’s not a family time gal, or she has a lot of family drama, remember this, so that you won’t end up in a family feud disaster.

47. What’s your favourite dessert?

Does she have a sweet tooth? It will be easy for you to please her then! Ask her about her favourite ice cream flavour or favourite type of cheesecake.

48. What are you most passionate about?

Asking about her passions in life will give you an opportunity to get to know her better, and maybe even discover some passions that you both share. Find out what brings sparkles to her eyes, and then use that knowledge for planning the activities of your future dates.

49. Do you prefer the beach or the mountains?

Her answer will indicate what type of leisure time she prefers — passive or active. If she is a beach bum, perhaps you can plan a future beach date in the sunshine. If she likes the mountains, you can always ask what summit she’d want to hike.

50. What is the top thing on your bucket list?

Probe her dreams and desires. Is she dreaming of something big and ambitious, such as opening a pet shelter, or travelling every country in the world before she turns 40? Can you relate to any of her goals? Does she have a plan of achieving them? Ultimately, this will show if she is a dreamer who has her head in the clouds, or a go-getter.

William is a graphic designer and creative writer. One of his favourite interests is reading books about relationships. He recommends ‘How to Succeed with Women’ and Doc Love’s ‘The System’. He has two adorable children that he enjoys spending time with. William is currently single and is preparing for his next relationship. You can follow him on Twitter.

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