I’ve been in a long term relationship with my boyfriend for over five years, and while it hasn’t been a smooth ride from the very beginning, we managed to polish the rough corners and now we are getting along reasonably well. However, there is this nagging feeling that we are not quite compatible. I am an Aquarius in every sense of it: adventurous, spontaneous and change is the driving force of my life. Meanwhile, my boyfriend is true Leo, and he loves stability. Even a suggestion of painting our apartment makes him anxious, let alone traveling or living in another country, which I would love to do at some point. He always attempts to talk me out of trying new things, or taking any risks, no matter how calculated they are. On one hand, he makes me more grounded, but on the other hand, it feels like he drags me down and stops from achieving things that I want. Can we somehow improve our relationship compatibility?
Ayleen, 38
Answered by:
Relationship Astrologer

Hi Ayleen!

Leo man and Aquarius woman are naturally drawn to each other due to their interests, intellectual pursuits, and unique physical beauty. You are talkative and social, so it doesn’t surprise me when a Leo man and an Aquarius woman immediately hit it off.

You two can make excellent partners, lovers, and even creative business partners if you truly want to. Both of you have brilliant ideas. No doubt your Leo man is very much pulled to your Aquarian ability to think outside the box.

There aren’t many serious issues between a Leo man and an Aquarius woman. However, some snags could create future issues if you don’t discuss, compromise, and move forward.

He may struggle with how much time you want for yourself or to explore new horizons. You love your independence and freedom. Leo is a fixed sign, not prone to changes. He seems to have a watery Moon placement or a watery Rising sign. Such placement indicates comfort zones and not being flexible to changes. 

He needs to work on his insecurities and whatever emotionally holds him down. Trust can be formed but the will is required from both ends.

He must understand that when you want time to yourself or do something fun together, you are not doing it to make him feel insecure. Pushing the limits matters. He needs not to take it so personally.

Good communication can improve compatibility, and inadequate communication can destroy good relationships. You both need to communicate openly so that you do not activate his fixed traits. 

Being a Leo, he needs to be included in the decision-making process. Give him a lot of positive reinforcement, and set him up with questions that involve some degree of flattery so that you can make him feel like he’s in the spotlight. Even encourage him to boast about himself and make him think those are his ideas.
Once you get this figured out, you should be able to work past any other issues that may pop up throughout your relationship. You have more going for you than not, so you should be able to overcome any obstacles.

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