love life is no-existent

Lots of accomplished single people I know tell me they haven’t been out on a date in two or three years. Even though there are a lot of obstacles to dating, it is still possible to meet someone and fall in love. It just takes more work than it used to back in the days […]

relationship mistakes to avoid

We all know that divorce rates are high, but what is more shocking is that on average marriage that ends in divorce In the UK lasts about eleven and a half years. In the US, the average age of a marriage that ends in divorce is only eight years. If we factor in all the

after divorce

Dating after divorce can be great or it can be a disaster. No two divorces are alike and how well you are doing after a divorce depends on different factors. Whose idea was the divorce? If it was yours, you probably have your reasons firmly in mind and can be happy about being single again.

dating life

I do believe the old saying that there is a lid for every pot, a mate for every person. You can and will find a love connection and can actually have fun while you are doing it. There are eight secrets to speeding up the process and enjoying the journey. These secrets will put you

perfect man

Over the years, I have seen hundreds of girls who have checklists for the perfect mate. It almost always has something to do with height and bank account. I have even heard of the six and six test. That means he has to be over six feet tall and make six figures a year. However,


Infidelity is a topic that many men and women have to deal with at some point in their lives. A lot of us assume that the wronged partner usually heads for the door or takes revenge. One of the most famous movies about infidelity is Waiting to Exhale. Angela Basset’s character learns that her husband

Over giving

Does it seem that nice guys bore you? Do you fall passionately in love or lust with a guy who doesn’t really seem to care about you? Have men taken advantage of you sexually or financially? Have you been stuck in a relationship where he never wants to commit? Do you feel you have to