mr wrong

Do you keep falling for the unattainable, undeniably sexy, uber charming bad boys? The guys who sweep you off your feet in a matter of seconds. The ones that make you feel completely enamored to point you just can’t say no even though you know they are Mr. Wrong? The sexual attraction between the two […]

why he is not asking you out

You were out at a local wine bar in the neighborhood over the weekend and met this great guy. You hit it off right away. But, your conversation was cut short as you had to run off to a birthday party. Before you split ways, he asked for your phone number. The next day, he

respect in relationship

Are you tired of being voiceless and walked all over in your relationship? Every time you try to speak up about your concerns you feel like it’s falling on deaf ears. You’re slowly turning into a wilted petunia and feel as though no matter what you say you’re not getting the respect in relationship you

attract love

Your first love begins with you. It’s the most significant relationship you will encounter from your first step into this world to falling in love with your perfect match. Your solidarity and sense of self are a prominent piece to attracting the relationship you dream about at night. When it comes to romantic feelings, you