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Why won’t he have sex with me?

I’ve been seeing this guy for almost half a year now. Our relationship is not very deep, I’d say it’s casual: we meet up every now and again, have dinner and sometimes I stay at his place. He says compliments to me and thinks that I am attractive, but he hardly ever wants to have sex. I don’t know what to think, it never happened to me before. His usual excuse is that he’s exhausted after work, but I hear the same thing even during the weekends. Do you think there might be other reasons rather than his tiredness? Why won’t he have sex with me?
Marla, 34
Answered by:
Love & Sexuality Coach

Hey Marla, Thank you so much for your question. It is an issue that often stays unheard because it takes so much courage to speak about it. But it is very common! It is actually just as common for men to have a lack of sexual desire, as it is for women. I will offer […]

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Why can’t I move on from my ex?

I can't forget my ex, and it makes me severely depressed. Even though we were together for a short time, our relationship was pretty deep and intense, and it felt like we were a perfect match. I relocated to a different country, but we were planning to keep in touch, meet up again, and travel together. However, my boyfriend's enthusiasm died off rather quickly and his messaging transitioned from daily to next to none while I spent my nights crying for him. It's been over three months now that we are apart. I don't think there is any future for us for multiple reasons, but I can't help comparing my new dating prospects to my ex. It feels like they are miles apart: not even half as smart and fun to be around with and I am just not attracted to them the way I was to my ex. How do I stop lingering on my past and prepare myself to let somebody new into my life?
Brenda, 29
Answered by:
Dating, Commitment Issues & Romance Adviser

Dear Brenda, I want you to think about this; the hold that your ex has on you might be preventing you from ever finding happiness. You might feel as if you are alone, but you are not. Other women and men have experienced loss and heartache. And although it is difficult to try to make […]

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I have a wife who doesn’t want sex

I have a wife who doesn’t want sex. Things were ok before our marriage but after we moved in together her attraction to me started fading away. When we were dating we used to have sex at least three times a week and then it gradually reduced to a couple of times a month. I love my wife and I am sexually attracted to her, but this situation makes me frustrated. Every time I want to talk to her she tries to avoid the topic. Shall I suggest her seeing a psychologist?
Paul, 31
Answered by:
Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Certified Sex Therapist

Paul, Many couples see a change in their sex and intimacy as their relationships lengthen in time. When a couple moves in together, the dynamic does change, and it’s important to talk about how this affects both people. When you live with someone, you see them all of the time, and the sense of mystery […]

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I always text her first

My girlfriend is affectionate with me when we are together, but when we are apart I always text her first. She says she is not a fan of texting, but sometimes she doesn’t reply to my messages for hours or even days even though I can see she is online. I started getting worried if she has somebody else or some other priorities in her life. I don’t want to be the last person she thinks of throughout her day. Not sure how to express my concerns to her so she wouldn’t think I am a paranoic type.
Mario, 24
Answered by:
Texting and Seduction Advisor

Dear Mario, I’m sorry to hear that you are feeling anxious about your relationship. There are many reasons why people don’t respond to text messages right away. It’s not always because of lack of interest. After coaching tons of people the last six years I have seen that one of the biggest reasons is simply […]

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Is she the one?

I am going through a tough time right now. My girlfriend and I have been together for a few years, we are best friends and soulmates and it feels like we belong together. However, when we started talking about our future, it appeared that she has a totally different vision. She is tired with her current job and needs changes in her life, so she wants to move abroad or even travel for a while living a few months in one place while I am happy with my current life and I was actually thinking of getting married and starting a family. She totally freaked out when I mentioned the possibility of having kids some time soon and she said she is not ready for that. It made me seriously thinking if this is going anywhere. Is she the one?
Brian, 32
Answered by:
Relationship Guide, Author, Guy's Guy

Hey Brian, Sorry to hear about your pickle. I’ll be honest with you and hope you find this helpful. However, I must stress that these are merely my opinions. Is she the one? The simplest answer is that you likely need to part ways, at least for now. In my opinion, love is not enough. […]

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How to start dating again?

My ex girlfriend was immature and after a while of dating her, I felt like I was going to work instead of having fun with her. We could basically never get on the same page with each other about what we liked, expected, wanted and didn't want. It got bad quickly. We also only saw each other a total of 6 or 7 visits. And every phone conversation we had after the first month or two felt nervous and new. It felt awkward. She drained me and made me cynical towards affection. After a few years in therapy figuring out who I am, I'm ready to at least try dating. How do I let myself chat and enjoy a girls company? How to start dating again?
Dan, 33
Answered by:
Relationship Guide, Author, Guy's Guy

It appears you have two issues challenging you. The first concerns your ex girlfriend. It does not seem that you two were on the same page. When you feel like you are going to work versus seeing your girlfriend, that’s a red flag. Relationships can be tricky, but when things do not line up seamlessly, […]

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