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He wouldn’t pay attention to me

How do I get my partner to put his phone down and pay attention to me?

Maria, 26
Answered by:
Relationship Guide, Author, Guy's Guy

Let’s face it, these days people can’t walk up the subway stairs without checking their phones. The truth is, people are hard-wired by technology to their jobs and responsibilities 24/7. It’s necessary to be on point and available at all times if you want to get ahead, but being shackled to your phone can also […]

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Tired of being a nice guy

I’ve been told that I am too nice to girls, which is why I am single. As a nice guy, I am tired of finishing last, so how do I be mean to girls?

Robert, 29
Answered by:
Relationship and Confidence Coach

Nice Guys often face a perspective dilemma – they believe they must choose between nice and mean. We are so lost in our Nice Guy identities that we don’t see the alternative options. I was like this for most of my life. I thought being nice was option 1, and being an asshole was option 2. […]

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Meeting Mr. Right

I keep ending up with Mr. Wrong. How do I find Mr. Right?

Audrey, 35
Answered by:
Relationship Advisor & Emotional Healer

I am so glad you asked me that question as I truly understand you. There are so many dating rules and advice on how to find Mr. Right, it can become daunting. We have been led down the wrong path as we search outside of ourselves for love. What everyone is searching for is the […]

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Crush on coworker

I have had a crush on coworker since I started my job almost a year ago. I thought it would pass, but the feelings have only intensified because of our shared values and interests. We are both single, close in age, and I know he has not been in a serious relationship in a while. I wouldn't act on these feelings while we are in our work roles (and I know he wouldn't either) but he's getting ready to leave his position in a few weeks. Is it okay for me to express my feelings to him now? Or should I wait until after he leaves he position?

Anna, 27
Answered by:
Relationship Educator

Love lives and office romances are complex right now because of all the creepy guys in a power position taking advantage of actors and employees. For that reason, I would never recommend manifesting your crush on coworker if you were both going to continue to work at the same company. But since he is leaving […]

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Finding the right person

How do I know if the person I'm dating is a good potential partner and the right person to be with?

Kate, 32
Answered by:
Relationship and Lifestyle Coaches

When it comes to selecting a partner that best fits what you’re looking for, you can start by establishing your top 5 relationship values. Your relationship values can help clarify exactly what you need in a partner to achieve fulfillment and happiness in a relationship. Examples of relationship values: trustworthiness, integrity, honesty, open communication, ambitiousness, loyalty. […]

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My girlfriend doesn’t want sex

My girlfriend doesn't want sex as much as I do. She never seems like she is in the mood and rarely initiates. We have been together for two years and I'm worried things won't change the longer we are together. I can't stay in a relationship where I am the only one wanting to have sex. I don't know what to do.

Elliot, 27
Answered by:
Clinical Sexologist, Psychotherapist & Certified Sex Therapist

Elliot, thank you for sending in this because lack of sex in a relationship can cause issues. Couples who are in long-term relationships sometimes see a change in sex and intimacy and your situation when a girlfriend doesn’t want to have sex is rather common. Pick a good time to talk to your girlfriend about […]

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