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How to find out if a guy is really separated from his wife?

I've met a guy on Tinder, and we clicked right away. In the beginning, he was very chatty and eager to know me. We met a couple of times, and he seemed like an interesting person to be with. However, when he told me, he is separated, but he's still keeping in touch with his wife, I started having some doubts if dating a separated man is a good idea. I thought I'd ask more questions about his relationship status when we meet next, but then suddenly he stopped replying to my messages. He texted me again a couple of weeks later and said his life has been quite stressful recently. I started thinking maybe he got back with his ex. Is there any way to find out if the guy is really separated from his wife?
Mariella, 32
Answered by:
Divorce Lawyer

I’m sorry that you have been in limbo with this man. Dating a separated man is a tricky situation. This is particularly true if he has not made a clean break from his marriage and his wife. You can certainly check the court dockets where he lives to see if legal paperwork has been filed […]

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Do girls like shy guys?

I am a shy guy, and even though I have no problem socializing with people, I find it hard to approach women and to maintain a meaningful conversation. Even if I step out of my comfort zone and start chatting with a girl, I run out of topics real quick, the conversation dies, and the girl eventually excuses herself and leaves. Do girls like shy guys? What are my chances of getting a girlfriend?
Patrick, 21
Answered by:
Dating & Relationship Coach

Hi Patrick! The chances of getting a girlfriend are all within you. I know it might sound like a cliche, but here is the thing: socializing with women is not easy if you look at it as not being easy. A lot of times men put too much focus on saying the right thing and then […]

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Can’t stop thinking about her

I met a charming woman during my work event and I can’t stop thinking about her. We had a brief chat over a drink, but I was too shy to ask for her number or to ask her out. We work in different departments, so normally I don’t get to see her. I found her via employee directory, but I am not sure if contacting her via her work email is the right thing to do. She is confident and successful head of a department and I am just a regular clerk and I am dreading that she will never look at me as at a potential match or even worse, she will tell everybody that I am hitting on her. Shall I just try and forget her?
Greg, 27
Answered by:
Dating & Relationship Coach

Hi Greg! When it comes to working situations you do have to be careful. I understand where you are coming from as you do not want people in your company talking about your crush on your colleague or even worse – get Human Resources involved. What I would suggest is for you to take your […]

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How to get him to commit?

I am dating a guy that I like and we get along pretty well: we have common interests, we enjoy doing things together and we are comfortable with each others company. He is caring and attentive and I wouldn’t mind settling down and moving in with him. However, every time I start a conversation on this topic, he freaks out and says he needs his personal space and he doesn’t think it’s going to work. How to get him to commit? I don’t want to be pushy, but I don’t want to waste my time either if our relationship is not leading us anywhere.
Polina, 32
Answered by:
Dating & Relationship Coach

When men start dating a woman, they aren’t in a rush to settle down and they see commitment as something that will eventually happen with the right woman. As women, however, we are usually more focused on the commitment and the stability or outcome of dating the man rather than just enjoying the process of getting to know the […]

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When will I find love?

I’ve been trying to find a partner for a couple of years with no luck. I signed up to a few online dating sites, attended single events, went to dancing classes and tried many other places and ideas where I could meet some singles and even though I had a couple of dates, it never evolved into anything serious. Not sure what else I could try? I am not getting any younger and I don’t want to end up single. When will I find love?
Teresa, 29
Answered by:
Dating, Commitment Issues & Romance Adviser

Dear Teresa, I completely understand your feelings about wanting to find the right person for you. Do you feel frustrated because of the uncertainty when you are going to meet your ideal partner?  If so, you are not alone. While I cannot give you an exact date and time as to when you will achieve […]

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Why can’t I move on from my ex?

I can't forget my ex, and it makes me severely depressed. Even though we were together for a short time, our relationship was pretty deep and intense, and it felt like we were a perfect match. I relocated to a different country, but we were planning to keep in touch, meet up again, and travel together. However, my boyfriend's enthusiasm died off rather quickly and his messaging transitioned from daily to next to none while I spent my nights crying for him. It's been over three months now that we are apart. I don't think there is any future for us for multiple reasons, but I can't help comparing my new dating prospects to my ex. It feels like they are miles apart: not even half as smart and fun to be around with and I am just not attracted to them the way I was to my ex. How do I stop lingering on my past and prepare myself to let somebody new into my life?
Brenda, 29
Answered by:
Dating, Commitment Issues & Romance Adviser

Dear Brenda, I want you to think about this; the hold that your ex has on you might be preventing you from ever finding happiness. You might feel as if you are alone, but you are not. Other women and men have experienced loss and heartache. And although it is difficult to try to make […]

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