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The goal for every romantic partnership should be to make every day Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, many people in relationships take every day for granted. We really shouldn’t need one specific day of the year to show our appreciation for someone. Every day should be an exciting opportunity to help love to blossom and bloom! But eventually, two people who are crazy in love are bound to get comfortable with each other and forget about the sparks and excitement that brought them together in the first place. Here is how to keep your boyfriend interested in you after the honeymoon stage has passed.

Show him love

It is easy to complain about something or someone, but often it is more difficult to say a kind word or two to the person we love. The reason why it is hard to show kindness to your partner on a continual basis is because we can often fall into patterns of taking our loved ones for granted. Do you assume that your boyfriend will always be there and will never leave you no matter how you treat him? I hope that you don’t, because it can be very dangerous to make assumptions about the thoughts and plans of someone else.

The little things that you do to show your guy that you love and appreciate him can leave a huge impact on his heart. Write him love letters to express how much he means to you. Before email and text messages were invented, people who lived far away from each other would share details of their lives through mailing letters to their loved ones. You may not need to mail a love note to your paramour, but you can write expressive love notes and leave them in his wallet or on his pillow.

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Dress for success

Throughout life we are taught to keep our appearances neat and tidy when we are at our workplaces, but no one really tells us to keep the same rule of thought to our relationships. I have read countless advice columns where the advisor is asked how to handle a relationship in which one person is frustrated with and turned off by their significant other’s appearance. I have also seen many talk shows where guests are pleading with the talk show hosts to help them ‘makeover’ their mate.

Is your boyfriend more accustomed to seeing you dressed in sweat pants these days than seeing you dressed in the type of clothes that you used to wear when you were first trying to attract him to you? If so, you need to make changes right away. The same way that you meet your man is the same way that you will keep your man. Dress for success in your relationship and wear clothing that will attract your mate and keep his attention on you.

Stay focused on self-improvement

You are the only person who can steer the ship in your life. The decisions that you make for yourself will have an impact on every facet of your relationship too, and because of that, your partner deserves to be with someone who takes life seriously. There is always something that we can do in our lives to improve it. Being proactive and doing tasks that will enhance your life are ways to keep your boyfriend interested in you.

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Many people become frustrated when they see that their mates refuse to change negative habits. Have you looked closely at yourself to figure out what you need to focus on and change today? Perhaps you need to work on taking better care of your teeth. Or maybe you need to wash dishes diligently instead of leaving them on the table until the next day passes and you get around to cleaning them. Whatever they are, work on your negative habits today! Don’t try to change your partner and don’t give him a reason to grow tired of your stubborn attitude; be willing to make positive changes about yourself and he will be happier to work on the relationship with you.

Create couple goals

Have you ever seen the hashtag #CoupleGoals on social media and felt intrigued about what that it even means? Couple goals are goals that you want to experience in a partnership. If you and your boyfriend have not brainstormed together to establish some couple goals, now is the perfect time to do it!

Your couple goals should be experiences that you both want, not just goals that only one of you wants. For instance, if your personal travel goal is to explore Italian country sides, and your mate’s top travel goal is to visit Asia to climb Mount Everest, then your traveling goals as a couple will not work unless you both want to be at the same vacation spot together. Sit down with your honey and create a list of couple goals that you both feel will help you to make your relationship with each other stronger.

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The honeymoon phase can continue in your relationship as long as you and your boyfriend are committed to keeping the spark alive.  Search for ways each day to show him that you care about making him and your union a priority. Let him know that you want to work together to keep the relationship exciting and fresh. Smile as often as you can, even when you have had a day filled with frustrations. Your guy will feel more motivated to extend your relationship’s honeymoon stage if you set the tone on how you want things to be between the two of you and you focus on being positive and proactive.

Akua is a Canadian born and raised girl with Caribbean roots. She is a journalist, actress, music teacher, performer, owner and marketer of 3 worldwide dating websites, as well as an independent Pure Romance business owner selling passion products for singles and couples.

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