qualities of a healthy relationship

It is estimated that around half of the UK’s population are in a relationship, but how many of them are healthy? What qualities does a healthy relationship possess in order for it to be a long and happy one? Are there a set of rules you can follow to make sure your relationship is having a […]

relationship compatibility

Remember studying magnets in science at school? If you put two pluses or two negatives together they would repel each other, but popping together a negative and a plus would stick like glue. It’s the nature of magnetism but does it ring true for relationship compatibility? Should you only date people who are opposite to

time to end your relationship

We all have our moments in relationships where you question the longevity of it. Where are you both going? Is this working? Are you compatible? Are you happy? Sometimes it’s just a phase, however it could be time to call it a day. But how do you know when it is time to end your

date night

Think back to the days of when you were first dating your partner. The getting ready, the stressing of what to wear, where to go, what to say? You were just getting to know each other and everything was exciting. Then as you get comfortable and committed it all changes. Seeing each other goes from

heal your heart

Breakups can come in all shapes and sizes. Emotions are running high and everyone has a different way of coping and moving on with the breakup. One thing we can agree on is music can help to heal your heart. They say music is one of the best therapies so here is my rundown of

social media and relationships

Social media and relationships is a tricky subject to talk about. Whether you tweet, Instagram, or post on Facebook, showing the world what you’re doing via the Internet is most definitely the norm. But when it comes to your relationships, should you be as open with what you post? Is telling the world your love for

long distance relationship work

I never wanted to be part of a long distance relationship. I like to spend time with my boyfriend. It’s nice to be able to have the option of a spontaneous night out or for you to have a plus one for your social calendar. For them to be able to meet your friends without

falling for him

You’ve took the plunge and started officially dating the same guy. You’re making the conscience effort to take yourself off the market and make a go of it with someone new. And the first few months are great! Getting to know everything about him, spending hours and hours into the night chatting about anything and

wedding date

Wedding season is well under way and everywhere you turn, every scroll you do on Facebook and every Instagram post seems to be all things wedding. But what do you do and how do you act if you are asked on a wedding date meaning you have to attend a wedding of a complete stranger?


Everyone has felt a loss in their lifetime and had indentations made to their heart. But what if you were the one who left somebody heartbroken? Do you truly realize what you have done to the person you were once intimate with? Do you know how you made them feel? Do you truly realize the

first date etiquette

First dates can be one of the most daunting experiences anyone can face. You’re essentially spending an evening with a complete stranger, trying to sell yourself to them, and look and feel attractive all at once. I broke my first date virginity at the beginning of this year. I nearly cancelled about six times on

Online dating safety

It is absolute madness if we think back to as little as 50 years ago. On average, people ended up marrying their partners who were as living as close as the same town, the next street or even from the same apartment building. And these marriages lasted. Now we have the option of dating people

Independent woman

I have always been an independent person. As a kid I was so stubborn to allow anyone to do anything for me, yet would get so frustrated if I was unable to do it for myself. I got asked to leave a waltz class in university and told to ‘Come back when I was willing

love life while travelling

When I visit home, my grandma always asks “How long will it be until you get itchy feet and you’re away again?” I can never tell her a straight answer, because I never know it myself. My career means that I move around from place to place. I can spend a month in one place,

single life

Sometimes leading single life is great. You don’t have to constantly text a person to let them know how you are. You can go wherever you want and do whatever you want to do. You can be selfish with your time. Who cares if you’ve spent your weekend binge-watching How To Get Away With Murder

getting ready for a date

Listen up, guys. I’m a single girl who has recently taken the plunge back into the world of dating. And seeing as I had never really gone on a proper date before, first dates are new and becoming a regular event in my social calendar. With technology, and Tinder, and busy lives, dating feels like

Valentine's day

The festive season is over, the last toffee penny has been unwrapped, the mince pies have been demolished and the January blues are starting to kick in. But why spend the beginning of a new year falling into a lonely pit of singledom? You may have spent your Christmas period standing alone at the office

wrong person

Do you ever feel like you spend your days trying to defend why you’re in the relationship you are in? Whether to yourself or to your family and friends, how much convincing should one need that your relationship is right? Maybe you’re spending your time and giving your love to the wrong person? Here are some signs that it’s


In the world of modern dating being a singleton is easier than meeting someone new. We are so buried in our own business when we’re out and about, meeting someone nice on a random outing that you’d like to see again never seems to happen. Usually if someone new does talk to you, it’s in

dating game

So you’ve bitten the love bullet and you decided you’re ready to throw yourself heart first into dating game. But what if you haven’t been on a first date forever? If your previous relationship’s lasted a lifetime of getting comfortable and now the idea of spending time trying to get to know someone new, whilst


Getting back into the dating game is always tricky. But the pressure is heightened when you have reached a certain time in your life. It’s all proposals, weddings and babies and I’m still struggling to decide whether to pop olives on my salad for lunch or not. I’m soon to turn 26, single and working

after a breakup

Breakups are hard work. They can change you as a person and push you to places you never thought you’d see before. However, everyone will go through a heinous breakup (and if you don’t, count yourself VERY lucky!), so don’t make the mistakes I did, and avoid these four activities after a breakup. I realise these