covert narcissist

5 Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

The difficulty in identifying a narcissist lies in differentiating between self-confidence and self-infatuation. This might seem blatantly obvious, but in the throes of a new relationship what is actually dominating and conceited may at first come across as strong and self-assured, characteristics that attracted you to them in an instant. As time progresses, however, this

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why am I still single

Why Am I Still Single?

No matter how many dating sites you join and how many friends you ask to hook you up with someone new, it seems like nothing is working out for you. There are many reasons why relationships work out and why they don’t. You know that old saying: you can lead a horse to the water,

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date ideas for introverts

5 Date Ideas for Introverts

Like most introverts, I’ve always been the type who doesn’t need to be around people. I am happy spending time with myself, doing my things, and… well, just being an introvert. But then there are some exceptions when I don’t mind some company, and I am talking about dating. I know (better than anyone) how

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