How To Create Sexual Tension With a Girl

sexual tension

Sexual tension is what turns a friendship into a potential relationship. And guess what? Sexual tension is pretty awesome! It leaves the other person wanting more from you. They’re excited to text you – and they’re certainly excited to hear back from you. But before we get into ways of creating sexual tension with a girl, let’s take a look at what sexual tension is, exactly.

Sexual tension is essentially a feeling generated by two people who really like each other. It’s a spine-tingling, fuzzy feeling like no other that gets your heart racing and fills you with desire. It can go on for as long as you both want it to. It can reach boiling point, or you can ease off and let it simmer for a while. It’s really up to you.

The thing with sexual tension is that it isn’t just for long-term relationships. It could just be that you’re lusting after her and she’s lusting after you. It’s fun. It’s playful. As long as you know and respect the rules, it can be a pretty exciting way to spend time with someone.

Start early

When should you start creating sexual tension? After a week? Two weeks? Nope. You should be dialing it up from the outset. Like, as soon as you get her number.

You know where you want to take this. So why wait? The longer you wait, the deeper you’ll become mired in the friend zone. And you’ll find it very difficult to escape.

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Talk naughty to her

When we say talk naughty, we mean it. Basically, talk naughty – not dirty. Too many guys make the mistake of crossing the boundary from playful naughtiness to outright vulgarity. Guys? Dirty talk might work sometimes, but you run the very real risk of crashing and burning. You are going to be sitting alone with your phone in your hand, and nothing more.

If the opportunity comes up to talk about something sexy and funny, take it. Be a little bit risqué and test the waters to see if she reciprocates in kind. For example, “You probably aren’t getting lucky tonight, but wear cute underwear, just in case.”

Get up close and personal

Sure, it’s not nice to enter a girl’s personal space, and girls always say that one of their pet peeves is when a guy gets too close and is too pushy. But when you’re both on the same level (you’ve already kissed and you know that she digs you), the rules of the game change. All of a sudden, it’s not only okay to enter her personal space – it’s also the right thing to do. For example, if you’re both in a crowded elevator, make sure that you stand really close to her.

Choose your emojis wisely

Emojis serve many specific functions. And did you know that there are actually plenty of emojis that are absolutely loaded with sexual tension? You bet there are. Some guys think emojis are only used by teenage girls. If you’re the kind of guy who hates using emojis, now is the time to get acquainted with them.

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There are a lot to choose from. The classic winking emoji is an obvious one; it’s super suggestive while remaining fun and cheeky. The elusive (and allusive) eggplant may also be your friend here. And never underestimate the power of a kissing emoji. Adding on a couple of emojis to the end of your texts can really spice things up and make your sexy intentions clear.

Use the right words

What creates more sexual tension? The word ‘beautiful’ or the word ‘hot’? ‘Lovely’ or ‘sexy’? ‘Funny’ or ‘passionate’?

Choose your language carefully when texting. Use your linguistic dexterity to your advantage and make sure to use words which you know will ramp up sexual tension. Don’t hold back. Something like: “You looked so hot last night it took all of my willpower to leave you…” is sure to fire up her imagination.

Tell her you’re blushing

Do guys blush? Of course they do. If you sense there is some sexual tension simmering and she’s just complimented you, let her know that you’re blushing. This can be unbelievably powerful. Once a girl knows she has had this sort of effect on you, things can start moving on to the next level.

Touch her

Never underestimate the value and power of grazing her thigh with your hand. Of course, you need to do this with subtlety, avoiding all potential awkwardness. For example, let’s say you want to point something out to her on your phone. Sit close to her, so that your thighs are touching one another. This can be ridiculously hot.

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If you’re crossing the street together, don’t be afraid to place your hand on her back. When an opportunity presents itself to subtly touch her, take advantage of it.

Follow these tips and the sexual tension between you will start to ignite. You know what they say – where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

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